Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home. Without it, you’ll soon see your home become a zoo, with clutter everywhere, perfect for germs, insects, and small animals to settle and grow. If you want to prevent this and keep your living space neat and clean, you may need some tips to make cleaning more efficient and last longer.

  • Begin with Cleaning Your Window 

When beginning a major cleaning project, it’s important to begin the right way. Many prefer to start with cleaning windows, doors, and cabinets first. This is because they often have little dust and other things that need cleaning, which means it’s a task that you can accomplish quickly. In addition, cleaning your windows will give you a better, clearer view of the outside, another bonus.

  • Freshen Your Mattresses

Your mattresses are where you and anyone else in your home sleep every night. This means they’re prone to absorbing heat and sweat from your bodies, and if they’re not cleaned regularly, they can slowly and subtly begin to give off odors that fill your house. To combat this, you can freshen them up by applying baking soda to the surfaces and waiting 15 minutes before washing it off. It’s an easy and foolproof way to make your mattress feel fresh and new.

  • Remove the Sources of Any Smells

If you’re deep cleaning your home, you’ll need to ensure you’re doing a good enough job that you won’t have to clean again for some time. To accomplish this, you’ll need to eliminate the sources of smells in your home. This includes old, stale food or furniture that’s old and moldy. If the smell persists, you can burn charcoal in the problem area for a few minutes and keep the window open afterward to eliminate the smell. 

  • Focus on Your Appliances

Appliances are items that get used every day in homes yet don’t receive the care and attention they need. Essentials like fridges and ovens are cleaned rarely, and the volume of food they often contain leads to things getting piled up and impairing the proper functioning of the appliance. To prevent this, you can spray and clean the oven from the inside to ensure it continues to bake effectively, clear out all the food from your fridge to get the gunk off your fridge trays, and built up ice out of your freezer.

  • Change the Filters in Your AC

If the AC in your home is used frequently, it’ll also need to be serviced routinely. The air filter in the AC is what allows it to continue functioning normally by allowing air to enter after being filtered and cool, and it is also what gets dirty the most often, thanks to all the dust and particles it filters out. If you’re already deep cleaning your home, consider taking the filters out and cleaning them, or, if they’re too old, replacing them.

  • Use the Decluttering Method

The decluttering method is a method that instantly helps you feel more productive, and it’s the first step many people take when they’re performing a deep clean. Before you begin cleaning, go through every room in your house, meticulously searching each desk, drawer, and cabinet and removing the items that don’t belong while organizing the items that are in their right places. You can also get rid of old, worthless items, which helps even more with cleaning.

  • Freshen Carpets with Baking Soda

Similar to mattresses, carpets can become a hub for germs and bacteria that release odors, thanks to the sweat, dirt, and chemicals they pick up over the years. However, a simple way to freshen your carpets up is to apply baking soda along with water, leaving it to rest. This way, once you wash it off, using a simple cloth or a spinning mop bucket, you’ll be left with a clean, fluffy, and fresh-smelling carpet with much of its color restored.

  • Go Over Your Kitchen and Bathroom Carefully

Your kitchen and bathroom are important rooms to clean. They’re the rooms that are prone to getting the most smells, as well as things like water leaks, molds, germs, and pest problems. When you’re cleaning your house, make sure you take extra care to clean out these rooms, too, and note down potential leaks or faulty appliances so you can replace or repair them later. 

  • Clean at the same time every month

An important and beneficial habit that many people fail to make is to clean regularly. If you’re deep cleaning your home, you’re likely doing it after a while. If this is the case, you’ll run into more problems that are related to items or furniture in your house being cleaned after some time. If you clean regularly, waiting only a month or a few months between sessions, you won’t run into odor problems or the other issues listed here, making cleaning much simpler and more efficient. 


Cleaning is an essential part of everyday life. Without it, your living situation will be unmanageable. In extreme cases, life threatening insects, viruses, and mold can grow in places that aren’t cleaned regularly, while a clutter will make you less focused and productive. If you use the information in this article, you’ll be able to keep your home looking as clean as possible.

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