Alberto Del Rio Family Photos, Wife, Age, Height, Real Name

Alberto Del Rio is one of the strongest wrestlers in WWE. He has earned significant name and fame due to his performance as a wrestler. He was very keen of wrestling and started playing wrestling through very early age. In his childhood, he won many championships like World Junior Championship and many others as a junior wrestler. After this, he joined AAA wrestling industry and played till 2002. He has also played for many other wrestling like Japanese Promotions, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and many others before joining to WWE. Alberto joined WWE by signing a contract in 2008 and became popular in no time. He has won many championships in his career till 2017. After reading this article you will come to know about the wrestler Alberto Del Rio, about his family photos, wife, age, height and real name.

Alberto Del Rio Family Photos, Wife, Age, Height, Real Name

Alberto Del Rio Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Dos Caras
  • Brother: El Hijo de Dos Caras
  • Son: Joseph Rodriguez
  • Former Wife: Angela Rodriguez

Alberto Del Rio Family:

He hails from a Mexican wrestling family. He was born to Mr. Dos Caras and his beloved wife in San Luis Potosi City, Mexico. Dos Caras is also a well known former wrestler too. He has also a beloved younger brother El Hijo de Dos Caras, who is also a well known wrestler and following the footsteps of his elder brother and father.

Alberto Del Rio Family Photos, Wife, Age, Real Name

Alberto Del Rio Wife:

He married to his beloved former wife Angela Velkei and has three kids from her. The couple has ended their relationship in 2015 and their divorced was finalized in 2016. After this, he started dating to fellow wrestler Paige and exchanged his engagement ring with her in October 2016.

Alberto Del Rio Family Photos, Wife, Height, Real Name

Alberto Del Rio Age:

He is in his 39th year of age and going to celebrate his 40th birthday on 25th May in 2017.

Alberto Del Rio Height:

He is one of the tallest wrestlers present in WWE. He is 6.5 feet tall with perfect height of 108kg.

Alberto Del Rio Real Name:

His real name is Jose Alberto Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio is his ring name.

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