Bootsy Collins Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth, Age 2023

Bootsy Collins family life is one that is centered around music and art. His wife and children have all contributed to his musical legacy, and they often collaborate on various projects. Overall, his personal life is built on love, creativity, and giving back. Professionally, he is always remembered for his contributions to funk music as a bassist and vocalist. His music has touched the hearts, and his stage performances are truly iconic. However, behind any great man success is a intelligent woman, and in Bootsy’s case, that woman is his beloved wife, Patti Collins.

She is one of his biggest supporter and the driving force behind his work. He also credits her and children with much of his success. In this article, you will learn more about the Bootsy Collins family, about his wife, son, net worth and age in 2023 too.

Bootsy Collins Family Photo, Wife, Age, Son, Net Worth

Bootsy Collins Wife:

His married life is filled with passion, dedication, and respect. The name of Bootsy Collins wife is “Patti“. They met in the early 90s when she was working as a backup singer and Bootsy was already a well established musician. From that time to current year, their connection was undeniable.

Wife Patti Collins
  • Yes, their relation has only grown stronger over time.

Bootsy Collins Children:

He and his wife has only child together. While, he is also a musician like father and has worked with him and with several other artists. You may surprise after knowing that Bootsy is also a proud grandfather too.

Son Ouiwey Collins
Daughter N/A

Bootsy Collins Family:

By all means, he grew up in a ideal musical family. His brother, Catfish Collins was also in music line, and the two of them played in local bands together. Moreover, mother was a gospel singer, and father was also reported to play the guitar and sang.

Father N/A
Mother Nettie Collins
Sister N/A
Brother Catfish Collins
Wife Patti Collins

The whole family played a significant role in his musical development, and he credits his brother Catfish with teaching him how to play the guitar too.

Bootsy Collins Age 2023:

He is presently 72 years old. Despite his age, he continues to create music, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Age 72 Years
Bootsy Collins Net Worth:

Along with music, Bootsy has also involved himself in business, including the launch of his own record label and the development of a line of signature bass guitars. So, his worth reflects it.

Net Worth
Approx. $5 Million

At end their are few imp Faqs:

Who is Bootsy Collins wife?

She is Patti Collins since 1996. With this, she was worked as his personal assistant, manager, and business partner too.

How many children does Bootsy Collins have?

He has one son who is also now a father.

What is Bootsie Collins net worth?

This was rumored to be around $5 million. However, please note that his wealth can fluctuate over time and may not be a formal one. But, this is enough to spend a good life.

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