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The father of Bret Michaels is no more with him as he was passed away a few months ago. Surely it’s the biggest loss of his life because the association and love of a dad is just irreplaceable. He stated about the cardiac attack of his father in August 2019. They rushed quickly to the hospital but doctors failed to save him. This is the sixth time that Bret’s dad was in such a serious condition in which he lost the life. Definitely, he missed the best motivator who loved his country, friends, and family. He said that dad always instructed to be strong but he did not imagine that how it’s difficult to live without him. Probably it’s his luck that before father’s death he spent about a week with him.

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Bret Michaels Parents:

  • Father: Wally Sychak(Late)
  • Mother: Marjorie Sychak

Bret Michaels Current Wife:

Mostly, Kristi Gibson is indicated as the Bret Michaels current wife, but it’s not true. She is only his baby mother and a just former partner who is not currently with him. Maybe, their children will do something to make them together again.

Bret Michaels Daughters:

  • Raine Michaels
  • Jorja Bleu Michaels

Bret Michaels is the father of two daughters and both of them are from his ex-partner, Kristi Gibson. The age of his first daughter is now 20 years and the second one is 15 years so from this one will easily assume that he becomes a father when he was only 36 years. Furthermore, his first daughter is in the modeling line.

Bret Michaels Family:

  • Sister: Michelle Sychak, Nicole Sychak
  • Brother: N/A
  • Kids: Raine Michaels, Jorja Bleu Michaels

Bret Michaels Age:

On March 15, 1963, he came to the world. So, now the Bret Michaels age is 56 years. Surely, now he is in a mature part of life.

Bret Michaels Height:

Yes, Bret Michaels height is 5 Feet 9 Inch. Despite the age of 56, he is still a young-looking singer. Despite a few health issues, he successfully maintained a handsome look for many years.

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