Casper Smart Net Worth

Casper Smart is a rising actor in Bollywood film industry, who has also earned the name as a professional dancer. He started his career as a dancer and won many dance competitions until he became the part of Tommy the clown crew. Asides this, he also appeared in X Factor, You think you can dance and many others that made him get recognized. He also appeared in many films, and worked as an actor including Perfect Match, Wild for the night, Restored Me and Street. Currently, he is focusing on his acting career but not ignoring his dance talent at all. He has also performed with Jennifer Lopez too. Currently, he is working on TV movie Dirty Dancing in 2018. In this article, you will learn about the Casper Smart Net Worth, about his Age, Height, Siblings, Wife and biography.

Casper Smart Net Worth, Age, Height, Siblings, Wife

Casper Smart Family Members Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Roy Smart
  • Mother: Shawna Lopaz
  • Siblings: Brandon Smarty, Bailey Smart, Cory Smart, Bree Smart, Brooklyn Smart

Casper Smart Net Worth:

Casper Smart Net Worth is around $1 million. His net worth is growing day by day due to his hefty fee as a dancer and actor. This net worth is just estimation and not confirmed by him yet. He also earns through different brand endorsements too.

Casper Smart Age:

This actor was born on 6th April in 1987. He is 30 years old and going to celebrate his 31st birthday in 2018.

Casper Smart Height:

This versatile actor has the average height and also has perfect weight according to his height. He is 5.7 feet tall and has perfect body mass according to his height.

Casper Smart Siblings:

He was born to Mr. Roy Smart and his beloved wife Shawna Lopaz. He has five beloved siblings including Brandon Smart, Cory Smart, Bailey Smart, Brooklyn Smart and Bree Smart. Casper loves his beloved siblings and always shares his happy moments with them. Cory is his half-brother.

Casper Smart Wife:

He has not got married yet and enjoying his bachelor life. He has dated to the number of celebrities including Jennifer Lopez. Currently, he is not in mod to get married, as he will tie the knot to anyone, we will update it here as soon as possible.

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