Who is not familiar with Australian swimmer Cate Natalie Campbell? She is one of the best swimmers in the world, who has raised her name as the best female swimmer in swimming history. Cate is currently holding world records in both the short and long course 100-meter individual freestyle events. She is also taking part in Rio Olympics 2016. She is the fastest female swimmer in the world and has won a number of awards including gold and bronze medals for her country. This fabulous swimmer has been celebrating her birthday on 20 May since 1992. She was born in Malawai and brought up in Africa and Australia.

In this article, you will learn about Cate Campbell family, partner, sister, and family.

Cate Campbell Family:

Cate Campbell was born in a Nobel family from Malawi. After a few years of her birth, her family moved to Australia. Cate’s father Eric is a very loving and supportive father, who teaches his children to never lose hope in every situation.

  • She loves her mom Jenny A lot, according to her, her mom is the best mom in the world who never step out in difficult times.
Father Eric Campbell
Mother Jenny Campbell
  • Bronte Campbell
  • Abigail Campbell
  • Hamish Campbell
Husband No Info
Kids No Info

Cate Campbell Partner:

Cate Campbell is a well-known swimmer in the world, who is going to perform in Rio Olympics with her younger sister Bronte Campbell. But right now his fans looking for Cate Campbell Partner that does not exist because she is still unmarried.

Husband Name No Info

Cate Campbell Sisters:

Cate Campbell is the elder sister of five siblings. They are all swimmers by birth, as her younger brother is also a notable athlete and winner of many titles. Her younger sister Bronte Campbell is also a well-known swimmer, who is trying to defeat her elder sister in swimming records. She is very loving towards her sisters.

Sister Name
  • Bronte Campbell
  • Abigail Campbell
Cate Campbell Parents

The Father’s name of Cate is Eric Campbell while her mother’s name is Jenny Campbell.

Father Eric Campbell
Mother Jenny Campbell


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