When it comes to captivating performances and mesmerizing talent, Claire Holt is consistently got attention. In family, she shares a strong bond with one elder and two younger siblings. Overall, they all encouraged her to do best in the acting. Till now, she has played many roles in different films and television series but came into limelight for her role in super drama serial H2O: Just Add Water and then from serial The Vampire Diaries. She was very athletic and took parts in many sports in her early childhood.

Asides from acting, she was appeared in many advertisements and music videos. After reading this article you will come to know about the actress Claire Holt, about her siblings, family, husband, parents and age too.

Claire Holt Siblings:

She has three siblings including a beloved brother David Holt and two beloved sisters Madeline Holt and Rachel Holt. She always shares her happy moments with them and tried to make Holt family a true powerhouse of talent.

Brother David Holt
Sisters Rachel and Madeline Holt (One of them is is probably a producer)

Claire Holt Family Member Name:

  • Father: John Holt
  • Mother: Ann Holt

This stunning actress belongs to a family of Brisbane Queensland Australia. Behind every successful individual lies a foundation built by loving and supportive parents, and Claire Holt is no exception. Both mom and dad supporting her dreams.

Claire Holt Husband:

After the first unfortunate married life, Claire Holt quickly found second life partner in the shape of Andrew Joblon. Their story is one of admiration and devotion, and together they have created a beautiful family.

  • Kids:

After a year of marriage, they welcomed their first child, a son named James Holt Joblon and then second kid named Elle Holt. The couple radiates joy and happiness, serving as an inspiration to others seeking a balance between personal and professional life.

Son James Holt
Daughter Elle Holt (Younger one)

Claire Holt Parents:

She is the daughter of Mr. John Holt and his beloved spouse Ann Holt. Her parents are very loving and caring towards her and always help her to make her career bright. Their belief in her abilities have been instrumental in her success.

Claire Holt Age:

As of her birthdate on 11 June 1988, she is currently 34 years old. In relatively young age, she proved herself on small screen and then in the film industry too. Her exceptional portrayal of the complex and strong characters are always praised.

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