Coming from the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, this exceptional luminary emerges as a beacon of talent, being one of five siblings with three brothers and two sisters. O’Brien’s father, a revered medical professor at the a Harvard Medical School, and his mother, a distinguished attorney, laid the foundation for his upbringing. Having pursued his education at Harvard, he pursued a degree in American history, all the while showcasing his writing prowess through contributions to various magazines during his university years.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Conan O’Brien is renowned for his unwavering commitment to family, earning him the reputation of a dedicated family man. His kindness for children shines through as he shares heartwarming pictures with them on his social networking platforms, and he never shies away from sharing endearing snapshots of his own cherubic childhood with his adoring fans.

Conan’s career in the industry spans over a decade, and its resounding success continues to awe and inspire. Embracing a life of opulence, he can undoubtedly be regarded as a fortunate individual who invites the envy of many.

Conan O’Brien Family:

  • Father: Thomas Francis O’Brien
  • Mother: Ruthe Reardon
  • Brother: Justin O’Brien,  Luke O’Brien,  Neal O’Brien
  • Sister: Jane O’Brien, Kate O’Brien

Conan O’Brien Wife:

Conan’s lady love Liza met him in 2000. They instantly fell for each other and after relation for some time they finally decided to take it to the next level. Liza Powel is an advertising executive. They got married on January 12th, 2000.

  • Current Status: Married

Conan O’Brien Age:

Indeed, Conan O’Brien has reached the milestone of “60 years” of age. Born on the 18th of April in the year 1963, he is an exceptionally gifted individual with versatile talents. His creative genius has also left a mark on the iconic television series “Saturday Night Live,” where he contributed by penning some memorable episodes.

Age 60 Year

Conan O’Brien Height:

  • Around, 6 feet 4 inches is the Conan O’Brien height. Definitely, he is a tall and handsome guy in the industry.

Conan O’Brien Kids:

  • Son: Beckett O’Brien
  • Daughter: Neve O’Brien

Of course, Conan O’Brien is the father of two beautiful children. His son Beckett was born in November 2005 and his daughter was born in October 2003.

Conan O’Brien Net Worth:

O’Brien is one of the prosperous hosts as his net worth is about $190 million. Till now, he has graced numerous highly successful television shows. Moreover, he tried his hands on movies and got similar success. He also did a reality show called Conan rents a family in Japan which also grabbed many eyeballs due to its unique concept.

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