Dak Prescott Parents Nationality Girlfriend Family Ethnic Background Wife Married Real Name

Basically, Dak has inherited the love of football from the mother and then his wonderful fate turned him into a star overnight. He was named as the top NFL players in 2017, ranked at no 14 which is an incredible feat. His other important achievement is being the Rookie NFL player of the month in the year 2016. Meanwhile, personally, Dak Prescott has 3 brothers and one sister and was the youngest among boys. He was very close to his mother and always shared a room with her. His mother Peggy Prescott was a single mom and raised all the kids by herself. Nathaniel Prescott is his father. There have been controversies surrounding him and he was arrested on charges of drugs as well. So, its unfortunate for the entire family.

Dak Prescott parents nationality and girlfriend or family

Dak Prescott Parents:

  • Father: Nathaniel Prescott
  • Mother: Peggy Prescott

Dak Prescott Nationality:

  • Yes, he was born in Sulphur, Louisiana, so no doubt in the Dak Prescott nationality that he is an American National now.

Dak Prescott Ethnic Background:

From his skin tune, it’s easy to guess that the Dak Prescott ethnic background is mixed one. His father is African-American; meanwhile, the mother is a European-American.

Dak Prescott Family:

  • Brother: Jace Prescott, Tad Prescott, Elliott Prescott
  • Sister: Natalie Prescott-Smith
  • Married: Yet Not
  • Kids: N/A

Dak’s mother died battling cancer in 2013, that’s what motivated him to help such patients in need. He was deeply saddened by her death. It was only due to her inspiration that he chose to be a footballer. His mother even had a tattoo of football on her arm, which shows how deeply she was in love with this game. He sure is a great son who fulfilled his mother’s wish. That’s why now he has sponsored a foundation that helps cancer patients.

Dak Prescott Real Name:

Oh, Dak Prescott real name is Rayne Dakota Prescott that is totally different from his professional identity.

Dak Prescott Girlfriend:

  • Yes, a lady from Las Vegas is currently heard to be the Dak Prescott girlfriend. Probably, she is one among Ireland Borba or Lauren Holley, but yet Dak has not admitted being with any of them.

Dak Prescott Wife:

Kayla Puzas and Dak were a couple crazy in love. It was the very first-time Dak introduced someone as his girlfriend in 2014. They could not take their eyes off each other whenever they were spotted in public. They split up due to reasons known to them.

After his breakup with Kayla, he started two back to back relations with Dallas Nicole and then with Yasmine Lee. However, thirce of the times, he was not married.

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