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Danny Trejo Family Wife Kids Girlfriend Ethnicity Nationality Sibling

 Yes indeed, You can gather info about Danny Trejo Family Wife Kids Girlfriend Ethnicity Nationality Sibling. Danny Trejo has acted in various Hollywood movies including Heat, Con Air, Desperado, and many other superhits too. Before joining the acting line, Danny worked as a labor foreman in a construction company. His debuted role was in the film “Runaway Train” in which he played the role of boxer in 1985. After stepping into the film industry he got various roles in many super hit movies. Currently, he is working on the upcoming films, 3 From Hell, Dora, and the Lost City of Gold which are scheduled to release in2019. He has also worked in various television shows including Baywatch, Monk, Slayer, and many others. For further details about Danny Trejo Family wife, kids, girlfriend, and ethnicity, you can roll down.

a popular name Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo Family:

  • Mother: Alice Rivera
  • Father: Dan Trejo
  • Son: Gilbert, Jose, and Danny Boy Trejo
  • Daughter: Danielle and Esmeralda Trejo

Danny Trejo Wife:

He married Debbie Shreve and has two children with her. But after 12 years of ideal unity, they divorce in 2009. Danny Trejo Wife or ex-wife Debbie is also an actress who has appeared in many films.

EX- Wife Name Debbie Shreve

Danny Trejo Kids:

Till now, Danny Trejo kids are five. He has three sons including Gilbert Trejo, Danny Boy, and Jose Trejo. He also has two daughters named Esmeralda Trejo and Danielle Trejo. Trejo has great affection for his beloved kids that is why he always makes time for his kids and family.

Daughters Name Esmeralda Trejo, Danielle Trejo

Danny Trejo Girlfriend:

As in 2019, Danny Trejo is single. Currently, he is not in the mood of making a relationship. Maybe, he has someone in life, but no one in the media has solid info about this person.

Girlfriend Name No

Danny Trejo Nationality:

The ethnicity of this actor is Mexican while his current nationality is America. Basically, Trejo belongs to a construction background family of Echo Park Los Angeles. His parents are Mexican who was shifted to Los Angeles. One of his cousins, Robert Rodriguez is also a well-known filmmaker. So, he is not the only one in his family who is in the industry.

Nationality America

Danny Trejo Sibling

There are four siblings of Danny Trejo while the name of the sibling is listed below. But till all brother and sister are not living with them.

Sibling Gilbert Trejo, Danielle Trejo, Esmeralda Trejo, Danny Boy Trejo

How Old is Danny Trejo:

This is one of the oldest actors in Hollywood and spent many of the years but people are looking the how old is Danny Trejo so that is 77-year-old according to the date of birth that is May 16, 1944.

Age 77 Year Old

How Much is Danny Trejo Net Worth?

Till now, he has worked in a bundle of movies and does many of the shows. On the other hand, when they go to a concert they take a handsome amount. The audience is seeking the net worth of this celebrity. His complete net worth is 8 Million Dollars as well as in this net worth we have not to include all assists. Moreover, he is spending luxurious life.

Net Worth 8 Million Dollars

How Many Movies has Danny Trejo been?

One of the major questions how many movies has Danny Trejo Been to? Till now, he has made almost 145 movies but this is approximately figures many be he has made above 145 movies. But some movies have not famous while other movies have too much famous in the world.

Total Movies Approximately 145

How Old is Danny Trejo’s Wife?

At this time no  Danny Trejo wife exist but the age of Ex-wife is 63 year.

Danny Trejo Wife Age 63 Year

Why was Danny Trejo in Jail?

He has spent 11 years in jail in different cases. Because first time he was arrested in the case of drug dealing and robbery. Besides the second time, he was gone to jail in the case of heroin. So those fans who are searching why was Danny Trejo in Jail now can get the answer.

Why he was gone to Jail? Drug Dealing, Heroin

Where Does Danny Trejo Live?

Currently, he is working on different projects and living in different cities but when he free from work then where he stays. After free from work he lives in their house that is located in San Fernando Valley. The Interior look and exterior look of the house are very fabulous.

Current Living Place San Fernando Valley

Who is Danny Trejo Married to

His ex-wife’s name is “Debbie Shreve”. She is one of the famous actors. When Danny Trejo entered the entertainment industry then he was built a relationship with Debbie Shreve and after a long time relationship couple has done married and were spending a happy life. But after 2005 some issues were created among the couple and at the end in 2009 both separated.

After Divorce Danny Trejo Married To No,he Do any Marriage

What was Danny Trejo’s First Movie

Followers want to know that what was Danny Trejo First movie where he starts his career. So his first movie name is “Accidentally”. While when this movie was released then reached the sky and earned millions of dollars across the world.

First Movie Name Accidentally

What Ethnicity is Danny Trejo

For the guidance of those who are confused regarding the ethnicity of Danny Trejo. So the ethnicity of this celebrity is “Hispanic”.

Ethnicity Hispanic

How Many Restaurants Does Danny Trejo Own?

After left the field of drugs and smuggling, they joined the media industry and then earned money and invested in the bundle of the restaurant. Now they are own 8 restaurants like coffee shops, bakery shops and etc. Now they are earning a handsome amount.

How many Restaurant Own Eight

Those people who were finding the complete info package now they can get from this page as well as Danny Trejo Family Wife Kids Girlfriend Ethnicity Nationality Sibling has mentioned. This is one of the famous actors but now they are living alone without a wife and children. Moreover, still he is unmarried.

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