David Villa Family Pictures, Wife, Son, Daughter Height, Age

David Villa Family Pictures, Wife, Son, Daughter Height, Age is listed here. David Villa is one of the top Spanish footballers, who is currently playing as a Captain of New York City FC. He is one of the best strikers of the team who always gives his best to take his team towards winning. This professional footballer started playing as a child footballer through his school and won number of awards for his schools. He made his professional career debut in 2005 and appeared in 4 major tournaments from Spain’s national team. He is one of the top goal scorer players in Spain as well as the first Spanish player to score 50 goals in International Foot ball. David Villa has take retirement from professional football after 2014 World Cup. Here you can check about one of the top Spanish striker and former captain of New York City FC David Villa, about his family, wife and biography that is listed below for you.

David Villa Family Pictures, Wife, Son, Daughter Height, Age

David Villa Family:

David Villa belongs to a middle class family in Langreo Asturias in North Spain. He was born to Jose Manuel Villa and his wife Dorita Villa. Jose Manuel worked as miner in Spain while her wife is a house wife. David has two sister Aide Villa and Elsa Villa. This versatile footballer loves his family especially his father who made great efforts to make his career debut.

David Villa Family Pictures, Wife, Son, Height, Age

David Villa Wife:

David Villa met his spouse Patricia Gonzalez for the first time in his childhood. This couple has enjoyed a long relationship and finally tied the knot in 2003. Patricia is one of his biggest supporter of all the time who has been supporting him since their childhood. This couple is spending very happy married life with their three children.

David Villa Family Pictures, Wife, Son, Daughter, Age

David Villa Son:

David and his wife have a son Luca Villa Gonzalez who was born on 28 January 2013. He loves his son a lot and spends most of his time with his beloved son. He also wants to make his son a professional footballer.

David Villa Daughters:

David Villa and his spouse have two beautiful daughters Olaya Villa Gonzalez and Zaida Villa Gonzalez. Zaida Villa is their 1st child who was born on December 7, 2016, while Olaya was born on 18 August 2009.

David Villa Family Pictures, Wife, Son, Daughter Height,

David Villa Height:

David Villa is 5.9 feet high with perfect body weight. His height and weight ratio makes him quick and faster while playing football.

David Villa Age:

David Villa was born on December 3, 1981 in Spain. He has seen the 34th years of his life and now he is going to step in his 35th year in 2016.


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