DDG Family Girlfriend Real Name Nationality Siblings

DDG is definitely a rising YouTube star from America. He is a popular Musical artist on YouTube who also gains recognition as rapper on sound cloud. At a young age, he decided to pursue boxing career but he was unable to continue boxing. Later he decides to post videos on YouTube and created a channel in 2011. Due to some reasons, he was not able to post videos for three years and started posting regular content after three years in 2014. After gaining millions of subscribers on YouTube, he posted his rap song on sound cloud. Then, he posted various rap music on his social media pages which are helping him to increase popularity. Today, we are going to discuss DDG real name family nationality girlfriend and siblings through this website.

DDG and his family now

DDG Family:

  • Mother: Tonya Yvette
  • Father: Darryl Granberry Sr.
  • Wife: Not Married
  • Kids: N/A

DDG Girlfriend:

He has spent a fine time with Kennedy Cymone. In addition, DDG proposed her after a friendship of one year in 2018. Although she agreed to become his mate but soon after a few months of this proposal they broke up in the summer of last year. After this, the space of DDG girlfriend is Single.

DDG Real Name:

Fundamentally, he is famous for his Youtube identity but the DDG real name is Darryl Granberry. Probably, he takes the early two words of his name for the professional recognization.

DDG Nationality:

This well growing talented youngster is an American national. The city of his birth is Pontiac. Moreover, this YouTuber has not shared his background on any platform. So, nothing is sure about his ethnicity or other stuff like that.

DDG Siblings:

  • Brother: DuB Bridge
  • Sister: Tiarra, Her Nickname is (TEE TEE)
  • Cousin: Silly T.O

One of his brothers was murdered when he was of 21 years. While the second one is also a Youtuber. He has a beloved younger sister but what she is doing now? is not sure. Moreover, a couple of his siblings are also working on youtube, so overall one can say them a Youtubers family.

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