Dean Ambrose Age 2023, Family, Wife, Real Name, Height

Jonathan Good is a wrestler who is generally known by his ring name ‘Dean Ambrose’ in the WWE history. Dean has some versatile performances in many wrestling. People who ask about Dean Ambrose Age 2023 which is 38 years. Dean Ambrose has won many championships including WWE World Heavy Weight Champion and many others. Dean Ambrose started pursuing a wrestling career at an early age and became associated with the Heartland Wrestling Association in 2004. Dean wrestled for six years in this wrestling federation and left this federation in 2010. Dean Ambrose also wrestled in other wrestling like IPW and others during this period. Dean Ambrose stepped into WWE in 2011 and started performing in Florida championship wrestling. Later he formed The Shield in 2012 along with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Asides from this, he has also appeared in many films including Countdown, and many television shows too.

In this article, you will learn about Dean Ambrose Family Photos, about his wife 2023, age, real name.

Dean Ambrose Age 2023:

As per the record, he was born in 1985. Dean Ambrose Age is 38 years and he is going to celebrate his 39th birthday in coming December.

How tall is Dean Ambrose 38 years Olds

Dean Ambrose Family Photos Wife Age Real Name Height

Dean Ambrose Family

Dean Ambrose was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States and raised in public housing. His family lived in a poor section of Cincinnati, Ohio which was surrounded by shambled housing and other problems. Every day was a struggle about to live peacefully and to attend schooling life.

Dean Ambrose is struggling since the first day he stepped out from his home and find his interest in wrestling and start getting training from Thatcher at the age of 18. He has a beloved sister who always supports him.

Father Brian Pillman
Mother N/A
Siblings N/A
Child Nora
Wife Renee Paquette

Dean Ambrose Wife 2023:

Dean Ambrose is married and spending his happy married life with his beloved wife Renee Young since last five year. By profession, she is a well-known actress and sports broadcaster from Canada. They are now in very good terms.

Wife Name Renee Paquette

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Dean Ambrose Height:

Dean Ambrose has perfect height and weight ratio. Dean Ambrose Height is six feet and 2 inches i.e. (6’ 2’’). His perfect height and weight make him the perfect wrestler.

Height 6 Feet and 2 Inches(Approx.)
Dean Ambrose Real Name:

Yes, his Real Name is Jonathan ‘Jon’ Good and Dean Ambrose is his common used name. He also used many other ring names like “Moxely Moxx”, “Jon Moxley” and other in wrestling. Overall, he is a great man and enjoy his profession.

Real Name Jonathan David Good

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