Morocco is an ideal destination for adventure-seeking tourists because it exhibits a perfect combo of vibrant culture, mesmerizing landscapes, and peaceful natural ambiance. From marvelous coasts to stunning desserts and rugged cityside to mysterious mountain ranges it has everything to catch customer’s attention. 

Relying on public transport to explore this land of unique wonders is a budget-friendly choice but it lacks freedom, flexibility, and comfort. Therefore, most people prefer to hire Casablanca airport car rental services after reaching this cultural hub. Casablanca is the largest city and first destination of most tourists in Morocco. 

Must-See Destinations

Before starting your exploring journey to Morocco, we first need to find out its top delights and sceneries that are worth exploring on a rental car. It will eliminate the stress of wasting a lot of time thinking about where to go first.

Some major attractions that you must explore during your first visit to this hub of adventures are described below; 

Atlas Mountains

The most famous and worth exploring destination in Morocco is the mystical Atlas mountains which surround this mysterious country.  The journey to these mysterious mountain ranges is an excursion itself because it provides you the opportunity to witness the transformation of natural landscapes from lush valleys to arid peaks. 

While hiking to the Atlas mountains, you can also explore the world’s famous fortified village, Ait Benhaddou. It is a perfect spot to travel back in time through its narrow streets and imprints of ancient times. 

It is also a paradise for tourists because of its scenic views and breathtaking natural scenery Therefore, tourists and professional photographers cover long distances only to capture these stunning views in their camera’s eye. 


After exploring the wide mountain ranges, the next tourist place in Morocco is its biggest city, Casablanca. It exhibits a perfect blend of modern and traditional culture. It is famous for its thrilling nightlife adventures and marvelous architecture. 

You can also explore one of the world’s largest mosques, Hassan II mosque, and collect unique memories to cherish with your friends and family. 

Sahara Desert 

The adventurous journey to the hidden gems of Morocco is incomplete without exploring the golden sands of the Sahara Desert. To embark on this thrilling excursion you first need to travel to Merzouga, a small village, by riding your rental car. 

Once you reach the village, you can enjoy unlimited thrilling adventures, adrenaline-boosting rides, and fun activities. The most memorable activity that you must enjoy during this exploration is exploring the camel trek. 

During a desert safari excursion in Morocco, you can also experience the overnight camping adventure. In the camp, you can introduce traditional cuisines and scrumptious BBQ dishes to your taste buds. 

Blue Pearl of Morocco

This extremely charming blue-painted town is also a worthwhile place to explore on a rental car during your first visit to Morocco. It is located in the Rif mountains. This blue pearl is an ideal destination for photographers and unique art enthusiasts. 

It’s amazingly painted blue buildings and mysterious streets are the main driving force behind such massive popularity of this photographer’s hub. 

You can enjoy the panoramic views of the town by hiking to the Spanish mosque. The Kasbah museum and cobalt streets are also worth exploring for history and culture enthusiasts where they can collect unforgettable memories and mesmerizing photographs. 

Coastal Town of Essaouira

If you are looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of glittering city life, then the Coastal town of Essaouira is a perfect pick for you. From stunning beaches to historic glimpses and stunning medina, it has everything in its lap to ensure an adventurous experience for tourists of all interests. 

The mesmerizing landscapes, bustling harbour, and panoramic views of the ocean are the main source of attractions for most tourists. Various handicraft shops and food corners are also present in this mysterious town where you can witness or buy traditional art pieces and enjoy delectable cuisines. 


Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is famous for its diverse culture and modern architecture. It provides visitors with unlimited exploring opportunities and thrilling adventures to boost their adrenaline. 

From the famous Hassan Tower to the Kasbah of Udayas and the luxurious Royal palace, it has both historical, traditional, and modern tourist destinations to entertain all types and ages of tourists. 

It is also home to various food spots and cafes where you can treat your taste buds with traditional cuisines and refreshing drinks. 

In A Nutshell

To sum it up, this historical piece of land is home to countless tourist destinations, breathtaking sceneries, and a handful of adventurous spots. However, the above-discussed places are included in the tourist’s lists of must-visit places. 

You can rent a car in Morocco through One Click Drive, a credible car rental app to easily access all these places and double the pleasure of this thrilling excursion. 

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