Dominick Cruz also stands in the list of top professional mixed martial artists present in America. He has won Bantamweight championship for two times in UFC championship. During his school days, he started playing amateur wrestling and made his MMA debut in 2005. After some times, he moved to WEC and started playing for this promotion company. He won many matches against different professional fighters and joined UFC in October 2010. He has played 24 fights against international mixed martial artists and won 22 fights against them. Before joining to mixed martial artist career, he worked as a customer service representative and studied firefighting. He is also MMA analyst for Fox sports channel. In this article you will come to know about the well known MMA Dominick Cruz family photos, wife, father, age, height, net worth and salary, which is mentioned below.

Dominick Cruz Family:

He was born into a well known family of Tucson, Arizona, United States of America. During his early days he was raised along with his beloved brother by his mother. He loves his family because they always supports him through every thick and thin of his personal and professional life.

Dominick Cruz Wife:

He is currently unmarried and living single with his beloved family. He hasn’t got marriage as well as he is also not dating to anyone due to his career. As he will start dating to anyone, we will update it here soon.

Dominick Cruz Father:

He hasn’t talked about his father in front of media therefore we have no information regarding to his beloved father. As he will break the silence about his beloved father, we will update it here soon.

Dominick Cruz Age:

He has recently stepped into 32nd year of age in 2017. He has been celebrating his birthday on 9th of March since 1985.

Dominick Cruz Height:

He has perfect height and weight ratio which makes him prominent in the list of mixed martial artists. He is 5.8 feet tall and has 61 kg weight.

Dominick Cruz Net Worth:

He has not announced his net worth yet but according to the reports his net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollars.

Dominick Cruz Salary:

According to the latest reports we come to know that his annual salary is approximately 250000 dollars. This is not his confirmed salary.

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