Elena Delle Donne Family Tree, Father, Mother Name, Age

Elena Delle Donne Family Tree, Father, Mother Name, Age is listed here. If you are a huge fan of basketball than let me introduce to the rising star in America Elena Delle Donne. Elena is one of the best female basketball players not in America but all over the world. This versatile player started her basketball career through her university and won a gold medal during 2011 world university games in China. After this marvelous achievement she never looked behind and won numerous awards.  She is the most talented girl who has earned a significant name in basketball and makes her country proud. After reading this article you will come to know about the versatile basketball player in America Elena Delle, about her family, father, mother name and age.

Elena Delle Donne Family Tree, Father, Mother Name, Age

Elena Delle Donne Family:

Elena Delle belongs to a well known family in America who deals in real estate business. She brought up in an environment, where love is everything. Her family is very loving and caring towards her. She is the younger sister of two elder siblings. She is also enjoying a relationship with her long time lesbian partner Amanda Clifton. This couple has exchanged their engagement rings in August 2016.

Elena Delle Donne Family Tree, Father, Age

Elena Delle Donne Mother:

Elena’s mother Joanie is very warm hearted mom, who loves her children a lot. She is a house wife, who took good care of her children. She is very close to her daughter and always loves to help her daughter in her tough time.

Elena Delle Donne Father:

Elena Delle was born in Wilmington to a well known entrepreneur and real estate developer Ernie. Ernie is a loving father who always stands with her daughter in the hour of need. She is very attach to her beloved father, and shares her worthy time with her.

 Elena Delle Donne Father, Mother Name, Age

Elena Delle Donne Age:

Elena Delle Donne is a professional basketball player, who was born on 5th of September 1989. She will celebrate her 27th birthday in upcoming September of 2016.

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