Eva Amurri Family Photos, Parent, Mother, Father, Age

Eva Amurri Family Photos, Parent, Mother, Father, Age is written here. If you are looking for the best actress in Hollywood than let me introduce to one of the versatile supporting actresses in America Eva Amurri. She is one of the top rising actresses in Hollywood, who is prominent for her supporting role in different films in Hollywood. This beautiful actress has been working in Hollywood film since 2002. She made her career debut from a film in 2002 with her mother Susan Sarandon and became prominent in America. Eva has not only worked in a number of films but she also appears in different drama serials on TV and received a number of awards for her performance. She is one of the most beautiful girls present in America, who has killer features. In this article I’m providing you full information about Eva Amurri, about her family background, father, mother, husband and age.

Eva Amurri Family Photos, Parent, Mother, Father, Age

Eva Amurri Family:

Eva Amurri has opened her eyes for the first time in an Italian house. She is the granddaughter of a well known writer Antonio Amurri and niece of writer Valentina Amurri. Her family played an important role in developing her career, as she worked in a number of films along with her mother. This versatile actress also has two younger half brothers. She loves her beloved family and always maintains a healthy relation with them.

Eva Amurri Family Photos, Parent, Mother, Age

Eva Amurri Parents Mother and Father:

Eva Maria Livia Amurri was born to an Italian director Franco Amurri in New York USA. Franco is a well known Italian director, who has directed a number of films. Eva’s mother Susan Sarandon is also a well known actress in Hollywood film industry. She also tried her best to make her daughter prominent. This versatile actress loves her parents a lot and always receives encouragement from his parents in every walk of life.

Eva Amurri Family Photos, Mother, Father, Age

Eva Amurri Husband:

Eva Amurri tied the knot with Kyle Martino on 29th October 2011. Kyle is a former major league Soccer player, who has currently broadcasting NBC sports. This couple has a beautiful daughter, who was born in August 2014, and now expecting their 2nd child in 2016. They are spending a very happy life and share their happiness with each other.

Eva Amurri Family Photos, Parent, Father, Age

Eva Amurri Age:

Eva Amurri is one of the young actresses in America. She was born on 15th March in 1985 in New York City, United States. She has recently celebrated her 31st birthday in 2016.




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