Ezekiel Elliott Family, Parents, Nationality, Siblings, Net Worth 2022

Ezekiel Elliott who is a well-reputed American footballer won several of the awards during his career. He focused on his career during college life and attended all the sports tournaments where a football match was organized. First time at the college level he played by the Ohio State Football team and due to extraordinary performance, his team won the All-America honors. Throughout his college career, he was an active player and due to his high energy potential, he was select for the NFL draft for the first time in 2016 by the Cowboys. But most important when he was entered then proved their skill and in single-season, he was done 1000 yards. On the other hand, his father served many of the years in the Missouri Football Team as a linebacker. Same as it Ezekiel Elliott follows his father’s steps and meet different achievement. Moreover, we will discuss the Ezekiel Elliott Family, Parents, Nationality, Siblings, Net Worth 2022.

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott Family:

There are four members in his family who are living with them. His family support on every level during career when you start a new career then face multiple problems. Same as it during career face quandary situation. But with the passage of time and his family’s support clear all the problems. Now he is making a bright future.

Father Stacy Elliott
Mother Dawn Elliott
Sister Lailah Elliott, Aaliyah Elliott
Brother N/A

Ezekiel Elliott Family

Ezekiel Elliott Parents:

His mother Dawn Elliott and father Stacy Elliott. His father has retired from Missouri Football Team because he was performed as a linebacker but now his father supports the son. While his mother is an aerospace engineer at NASA that is located in Florida. She was giving the services of human engineering and design expertise and working on a next-generation space launch system.

Father Stacy Elliott
Mother Dawn Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott Parents

Ezekiel Elliott Nationality:

His father was a footballer while his mother worlds the best engineer. She is serving in NASA. Ezekiel Elliott has visited many of the countries and people who love them seeking the national. Becasue most of the time, we observe that when he free from practice and games then spend vocation into another country. Many of the people are confusing while his nationality is American and he is living in “America” with his family.

Nationality American

Ezekiel Elliott Siblings:

There are two sisters of Ezekiel Elliott. His one sister best athlete and till now many of the tournaments and competition has won. Besides no info exist about his other sister.

Siblings Lailah Elliott, Aaliyah Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott Siblings

Ezekiel Elliott Net Worth 2022:

Ezekiel Elliott is a quarterback player and many of the NFL seasons has played with a different team. But now people want to know about Net worth. So his complete net worth 2022 is 25 Million Dollars. But this is the last month’s net worth stats. When he will announce this month’s stats then share them with you.

Net Worth 25 Million Dollars

Ezekiel Elliott Age:

Ezekiel Elliott’s date of birth is July 22, 1995. According to this date, he is 25 Years old and incoming July he will celebrate his 26th birthday.

Age 25 Years

Ezekiel Elliott wife:

He is still single and unmarried and but he is dating Halle Woodard who is the girlfriend of Ezekiel Elliott. hopefully, in the future, a couple will do married and will start new happy life. His girlfriend is a very gorgeous lady.

Wife N/A

Ezekiel Elliott Sister:

There are two sisters while one is a professional Athlete and his second sister info yet not exist. His one has won a bundle of tournaments and now famous among the Athlete community.

Sisters Lailah Elliott, Aaliyah Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott Son:

Many of the people said that the couple born one son but officially he has not announced by the official. If the son has existed then will appear within few days in front of the media.

Son N/A

Who is Ezekiel Elliott’s Girlfriend:

His girlfriend’s name is Halle Woodard. She is a gorgeous lady as well aware of his fashion industry. Many times couples go on dates in multiple places while officially both have announced by engagement. In the coming year, Ezekiel will do married to his girlfriend.

Girlfriend Halle Woodard

Who is Ezekiel Elliott's Girlfriend

Ezekiel Elliott Annual Salary:

One of the basic questions who want to know every person who likes Ezekiel Elliott. Becasue many of the famous brands do the promotion of different products as well as the taking the highest amount from team franchise. So his annual salary of this celebrity is $15,000,000 Dollars.

Annual Salary $15,000,000 Dollars

Ezekiel Elliott height:

His height is 6 feet that are perfect for football players.

Height 6 feet

How Much Does Ezekiel Elliott Make Per Game?

This is an expensive player in the NFL draft. If you want to know how much does Ezekiel Elliott makes per game. So this is charge according to season because when he signed a contract then he will not charge per game while he takes the complete season income from the franchise. While if he charges per game then this type of information is not exist.

Per Game No Info Available

How Much Does Ezekiel Elliott Make a Year

We have not told the exact figure of the yearly income but approximately he makes 20,000,000 Dollars including endorsement. Sometimes he crosses this figure when he promotes to the different brands but sometimes he makes below the average income. Especially, during tournaments, he makes millions of dollars from advertisements.

Make Per Year 20,000,000 Dollars

How Much is Ezekiel Elliott Contract?

Ezekiel Elliott has signed a 6-year contract with Dallas Cowboys for $90,000,000 Dollars including a Signing bonus. Furthermore, if the player wants he extend the contract.

Contract Amount $90,000,000 Dollars

How Many Yards Does Ezekiel Elliott Have?

When he started his career with NFL then during the first season he earned 1000 rush yards. If you want to gather info about how many years does Ezekiel Elliott has? so he has earned 6,384 yards during his career.

How many Yards Earns 6,384 yards

Where Does Ezekiel Elliott Live?

When people joined NFL and established they buy one of the expensive houses. Same as he is living in Frisco, TX that is one of the most fabulous places and expensive place. His house looks like a palace.

Current Living Place Frisco, TX

Where is Ezekiel Elliott Parents From?

Initially, his parents from America, and before started his career he was living in Illinois state. But nowadays his parents living with them in Frisco, TX.

Where Ezekiel Parents From Illinois, America

Before Halle Woodard, he loved Tiffany Thompson but due to some issue couple was separated. On the other hand, his first girlfriend was a famous music artist. Now he is currently relationship with Halle Woodard. You can read complete info about Ezekiel Elliott Family, Parents, Nationality, Siblings, Net Worth 2022. Moreover, if a new update receives then share it with the audience.

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