Tennis players are famous for their splendor lifestyle. Tennis lovers want to know about famous tennis players who married to actress. Every tennis player has become the center of attention of media at least for once in his life due to his relationship with hottest spouses, girlfriend, and wife. The list of famous Tennis players is long who has become the center of attention due to their married life. Their fans want to know about their personal life like who married to whom? Many tennis players have dated to model and actresses and some of them had also tied the knot to actresses. The list of those tennis stars is also very long. In this article, you will learn about Famous Tennis Player Married to Actress.

Famous Tennis Player Married To Actress

John McEnroe:

John McEnroe is a former American famous tennis player who married to actress Tatum O’Neal. The couple got married in 1986 and spent eight years of their happy relationship before divorcing in 1994. They had three children together including Sean, Emily, and Kevin. After his divorce, he also got married for the second time.

Andre Agassi:

Andre Agassi is also retired American tennis star who was once married to an actress. He tied the knot to American actress Brooke Shields in 1997 and after spending two years of their relationship, the couple split up. They divorced in 1999 and after their divorced Agassi also got married for the second time.

Tommy Haas:

Tommy Haas is a German tennis star who took retirement from tennis in 2018. This Famous Tennis player married to actress Sara Foster. The couple has two beloved daughters together. Sara is American actress and former model too.

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Andy Roddick:

Andy Roddick is also a former professional tennis player who got married to a famous actress. He is spending his happy married life with his beloved wife Brooklyn Decker since 2009. This couple has also two children together.

This is the list of famous tennis players who married to actresses. There are other tennis stars too who are dating to Hollywood actress but their names are not included in this list yet.


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