If you are looking for a baby camera, you should check the features of the device first before buying it. This is because not all of these products offer the same capabilities. The Eufy baby camera monitor is an example of a baby camera monitor which has all the features that you need for your baby camera. Here are the things that your baby camera should have when it comes to features and capabilities.

Features of the Baby Camera that You Should Have

Large display

The first feature that your baby camera monitor should have is a big display. The Eufy baby camera has a large 5-inch display which is bigger than most monitors in the market today. You will also see that the display is 720p HD resolution which is better than other baby cameras. The goal of your baby camera is to see your baby and the room as much as you can. This means that the large display will allow you to see many details in the room which will you not see in a smaller display. 

Audio features

The baby camera should also have lots of audio features. You may want to look for a baby camera with two-way audio communication. This means that you can hear the sounds from the room so that you are aware of any noise that may cause danger to the baby. You also would want yourself to be heard when someone else is in the room. You can easily talk to the person in the room through this feature of the baby camera. 

Another audio feature that your baby must have are lullaby songs that you can play for your baby. These lullaby songs can help your child to sleep better and have a longer rest. The Eufy baby camera plays soothing melodies so that they can usher the babies to sleep. 

Wide angle camera

If you are going to install a baby camera in the nursery room, you must pick one that has a camera with a wide-angle lens. This is to ensure that you see a big view of the room in one shot at a time. The Eufy baby camera has a 110-degree angle lens which provides you with a better view of your baby. 

Adjustment of the camera view

The difficulty with most baby cameras is their inability to be moved around when you need them to. A camera may show a clear view of an area but if it cannot show the space adjacent to it or above it, it is not as beneficial as you want it. You must look for a baby camera that allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera as needed.

Long battery life

The baby camera monitor should have a long battery life so that you can carry it anywhere in the house. You cannot maximize your baby camera if you are always tethered to the outlet to recharge your monitor.


All of the features mentioned for the baby camera monitor belong to the new Eufy baby camera. This device has a 5-inch display for the monitor. The camera has a 720p high definition camera with a wide angle feature to see up to 110 degrees of view. The Eufy baby camera also has a night vision view to ensure that you see everything in the nursery room even throughout the night. You can also control the view of the lens through panning, tilting, and zooming in and out. The battery of the monitor is 5200mAh, enough to sustain the device all day. 

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