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George Springer is known to have a strong athletic family background. His mother Laura was a gymnast while his father used to play in Little League World Series. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the talent of sports runs in his blood. His sisters too had an interest in sports and played softball in their college days. Meanwhile, George has impressive winning streak both on and off the field. He played for numerous leagues before joining the Astros in 2014. His most noteworthy win was World Series win in 2017. He is known to be the heart and soul of Astro teams; thanks to his enthusiastic and energetic personality. This player not only made a mark on the field but in real life too he is a gem. He supports several charity organizations and helps kids.

a good George Springer in baseball

George Springer Parents:

  • Father: George Springer II
  • Mother: Laura Springer

George Springer Ethnicity:

Most probably, George Springer ethnicity is Latino /Hispanic. He is a mixed-blood, A Puerto Rican from his maternal side and Panamanian from his paternal side. He had a troubled childhood because of his difficulty in speaking in Public. The baseball was his only solace.

George Springer Nationality:

Definitely, George Springer nationality is American. Furthermore, he was born in New Britain Connecticut.

George Springer Wife:

Yes, Charlise Castro is the George Springer wife. After his tremendous victory in World Series, he got engaged. Then, in 2018, his wedding ceremony took place at the resort in Pelican Hills. Like her husband, Castro is also a talented athlete. She played softball during her college and university days and even won the triple crown of Leagues. She got a bachelor’s degree in communication and an MBA degree from a reputed university of Saint Rose.

Being a secretive person George didn’t reveal when the couple started seeing each other. Their relationship was known to everyone when they got engaged at Mexican Beach Resort in December 2016.

George Springer Family:

  • Sister: Lena Springer, Nicole Springer
  • Brother: N/A
  • Girlfriend: Charlise Castro ( Now his Wife too)

George Springer Height:

George Springer is known to have an athletic built. He looks very masculine with a really good height of 6 feet and 3 inches.

George Springer Weight:

Being a baseball player this is a prerequisite and he fits in completely well. Right now, George Springer weight is 90in kgs, then again this is perfect for a baseball player isn’t it? You would be really surprised to know that during his early days he was only 45 kgs and 5 feet 2 inches tall. His coaches even doubted he could become a baseball player at this rate.

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