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A man who born with taste in hands, yes we are telling about one and only Gordon Ramsay. He is a legend in restaurants line, meanwhile, his various recipes will also remember for a long time. During his long journey from a footballer to a top chef and TV celebrity, he faced many things in life. Especially, his father was not as lucky as he is. Just at the age of 15 or 16 years, he left his family and shifted to a flat where he decided to become a footballer. But, luck did not support him and he faced back to back injuries and at last left this game. So, after ending up of football career, he felt that he was good at cooking and probably this was the time when his luck took a twist and his journey towards a top chef was started.

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Gordon Ramsay Family:

  • Father: Gordon Ramsay Sr.
  • Mother: Helen Cosgrove
  • Brother: Ronnie Ramsay
  • Sister: Yvonne Ramsay and Diane Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Age:

His online given date of birth is 8 Nov 1966 and according to these stats, Gordon Ramsay’s age is now 53 years. But, he has yet maintained himself and looks completely fit in this age. Otherwise, people belong to such a profession are mostly fat and massive in weight.

Gordon Ramsay Wife:

Despite having a bit tough early life, he is a blessed person to have a beautiful and supportive wife. Her name is Tana Ramsay.  Years back, the news of their separation was spread in media after an unfortunate miscarriage of his wife. But this was not true that their understating is exemplary.

Gordon Ramsay Children:

The names of Gordon Ramsay children are:

  • Son: Jack Scott Ramsay
  • Daughter: Megan Ramsay, Holly Anna Ramsay, and Matilda Ramsay

His kids are loving and down to earth. Furthermore, his entire family is close to the Beckham family and even their kids are very close to each other. They all are now young but still, they are like brothers and sister and there is not new of their any other type relation. They celebrate birthdays together; they support each other and live life one family.

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