Henry Winkler made his place in the list of well-renowned American actors, Comedians, producers, and directors while the latest Henry Winkler Age 2023 is given. He is not an active entertainment celebrity but also a well-known author too. At an early age, he decided to become an actor. He kicked his career by appearing in a game show in New York where he receives $10 for his role. After that, he started doing theater, and right after he started appearing in commercials. He worked in various films including Crazy Joe, Scream, Ground Control, Click, Beatles Stories, and many others. Currently, he is working on the upcoming film The French Dispatch. Asides from this, he is also in the main cast of the American series Barry.

As a director, he directed three films including Memories of Me, Cop and a Half, and A Smoky Mountain Christmas. Scroll down for Henry Winkler Age 2023, Family, Net Worth, Birthday: How old is he now? list.

Henry Winkler Age 2023

He was born on October 30, 1945. Henry Winkler Age is 78 years at the start of 2023.

  • 78 years

Henry Winkler Family

He opened his eyes to the house of German Jews in the West Side of Manhattan, New York. Henry is one of two children of Mr. Harry Irving and his wife Ilse Anna Marie. He also has a beloved sister named Beatrice Winkler. Henry Winkler Family Photos are available on his social media pages.


Harry Irving Winkler


Ilse Anna Maria Winkler


Beatrice Winkler


Stacey Weitzman


Max Winkler


Zoe Emily Winkler

Henry Winkler Net Worth

Henry is a famous actor and his life is much luxurious as well people ask about the total net worth value of Henry Winkler is around $42 Million.

  • $42 Million

Henry Winkler Birthday

30 October 1945 is the birthdate of Henry Winkler as well he celebrates his birthday on 30 October.

  • 30 October

How Old is he Now?

As per the date of birth, Henry Winkler age is 78 years old but physically he looks like a young man.

  • 78 years old

Henry Winkler Wife

He is married and enjoying his happy married life with his wife Stacey Weitzman and three children. Henry Winkler Wife photos are also available on his social media pages. Henry and Stacey have two beloved kids including a son Max Winkler and a daughter Zoe Emily Winkler. They also have a son from Stacey’s previous marriage.

  • Stacey Weitzman

Henry Winkler Books

Henry Winkler Books list is very long. He has written many books for kids. The list of Henry Winkler Books is as follows.

  1. Niagara Falls, or Does It?
  2. Bookmarks Are People too!
  3. I Got a D in Salami.
  4. Day of the Iguana.
  5. The Zippity Zinger.
  6. The Night I Flunked Field Trip.
  7. Holy Enchilada.
  8. Help! Somebody Get me out of fourth Grade.
  9. A Short Tale about a Long Dog.
  10. You Can’t Drink A Meatball Through a Straw.
  11. Stop That Frog.
  12. Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards.
  13. A Brand New Me.
  14. The Curtain Went Up, My pent went down.
  15. A tale of Two Tails.
  16. Zero to Hero.
  17. Summer School.
  18. The Soggy, foggy campout.
  19. Winkler, Henry, The Other Side of Henry Winkler: My Story. New York: Warner Books.
  20. I’ve never met an idiot on the River: Reflection on Family, Photography, and Fly-fishing.

Info regarding Henry Winkler Age 2023, Family, Net Worth, Birthday: How old is he now? written as well his career is successful while winning several awards.

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