Hitman Holla Real Name Net Worth Girlfriend Brother Son

In fact, Hitman Holla is acknowledged for his unique rapping style that is a bit fast and aggressive as well. Till now, he participated in different rapping competitions and made his own identity in the presence of top rappers. Although, few time he was criticized because of harsh behavior. But he has own attitude and style that why these type of criticism does not matter for him. Furthermore, his family is available for him to support, especially his younger brother and father play a major role in shaping his career. Thus far, he has launched various single and a mixtape too. Furthermore, for the purpose of improvement and sharing expertise, he also collaborated with other artists. But, his current achievements have not justified his talent, because he deserves much more than this one.

a good rapper Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla Real Name:

The rapper Hitman Holla real name is Gerald Fulton, Jr. Meanwhile, he was born in St.Louis (a city in Missouri) on 29 March 1988. So, this year he is crossing the 30 years figures.

Hitman Holla Net Worth:

Presently, the Hitman Holla net worth is measured in between (1 to 1.5) Million Dollars. Surely, these are very low figures compared to other rappers. The reason for his low income is that he was charged in two murder cases. Although he proved himself innocent in these cases, but this was surely hurting his career.

Hitman Holla Girlfriend:

A beautiful girl Cinnamon is the Hitman Holla girlfriend. Age wise, Cinnamon seems much younger then this rapper, but she claimed to be engaged with him. Although this couple faces criticism because of a massive age difference, meanwhile Hitman said that Cinnamon looks are much younger than her age.

Hitman Holla Brother:

Another rapper from his family, Showout is the Hitman Holla brother. They both support each other at every platform.

Hitman Holla Son:

Yes, an adorable kid Geremiah Fulton also called (Lil G) is the Hitman Holla Son. Moreover, it’s not clear about her mom. Because the baby mama of Hitman Holla has not discussed online or anywhere else.

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