How old is Ariana Grande now 2024? Ariana Grande Age, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Every year on June 26, fans around the globe unite in celebration of Ariana Grande’s birthday. This joyous occasion serves as a indication to the adoration and admiration people have for her. Through her music, Ariana has done great job, providing solace, empowerment, and inspiration. As fans eagerly await her birthday each year, they come together to express their love for the remarkable artist and her artistic contributions.

How old is Ariana Grande now 2024?

Born on 26 Jun 1993, she is a radiant gem of the music industry. As of now, she is “30 years old” and will step in “31st year” in 2024. Despite her young age, Ariana’s accomplishments and influence surpass expectations, leaving a lasting impact on both fans and critics worldwide.

  • Undoubtedly, she has secured her position as one of the most prominent figures in contemporary pop music.

Ariana Grande Family Photos, Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings, Age, Height

Ariana Grande Age 2024:

Ariana Grande’s age, birthday, and family background contribute to the compelling narrative that has endeared her to countless fans. Her youth belies her achievements, and her remarkable voice has become synonymous with modern pop music.

With a supportive family by her side, Ariana has overcome challenges and continues to inspire and uplift through her music. As we anticipate her future endeavors, let us celebrate the charismatic and extraordinary Ariana Grande.

Age in 2024
31 years

Ariana Grande Birthday:

Date 26 June
Ariana Grande Family and Parents:

It’s true that Ariana Grande’s solo career has skyrocketed her to superstardom, her journey wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the influence of her supportive family. Born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, Ariana comes from a decent family. Despite of major conflicts between her mother and  father, they have stood by her side throughout her rise to fame.

Mom Joan Grande
Dad Edward Butera
Brother Frankie Grande
Ariana Grande Net Worth

Her work stands as a significant contribution to her net worth, estimated to be around 250 million dollars, as attested by numerous reports.

Net Worth Approx. 250 Million

Ariana Grande Siblings

She is the only daughter of her parents and has a half brother Frankie J. Grande. Moreover, Frankie is also a good performer, who has risen to fame due to his unique kind of work.

Brother Frankie J. Grande

Ariana Grande Height

Her height may be considered short, but she still became the center of attention of American fans. Standing at 5 feet tall, her stature perfectly complements her personality and draws attention towards her.

How tall is Ariana Grande 5 feet

Short Bio: This multi talented girl started her career as a singer through musical 13. After this, she appeared in the television series Victorious in 2009 on Nickelodeon. Her professional singing career started in 2011 through soundtrack music from victorious.

Then, her debut album was Your truly which was released in 2013. This one became the no 1 on the Billboard 200 top albums in the United States. This was a turning point for her and after this, she started ruling over American Billboard. She has also won many awards due to her both acting and singing career too.

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