How old is Ariana Grande now 2023? Ariana Grande Age, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Ariana Grande is an American singer who has also worked and earned significant name and fame in the film industry too. People ask How old is Ariana Grande now 2023? This multi-talented girl started her career as a singer through musical 13. After this, she appeared in the television series Victorious in 2009 on Nickelodeon. Her professional singing career started in 2011 through soundtrack music from victorious. Her debut album was Your truly which was released in 2013. This album became the no 1 on the Billboard 200 top albums in the United States. This was a turning point for her and after this, she started ruling over American Billboard. She has also won many awards due to her acting and singing career. She was last seen in a blockbuster film The voice, which was released in 2016.

After reading this article you will come to know about Ariana Grande, her family, boyfriend, parents, siblings, age, and height, which are listed below.

Ariana Grande Family Photos, Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings, Age, Height

How old is Ariana Grande now 2023?

Young American singer and actress Ariana Grande is 30 years old but his fans do not know how old is Ariana Grande now in 2023.

How old 30 years old

Ariana Grande Age

She was born on 26th June 1993. She is currently in her 30 years of age and going to celebrate her 30 birthday in 2023.

Age 30 years

Ariana Grande Birthday

26 June is the birthday of Ariana Grande while the exact date is 26 June 1993 when she was come into this world.

Birthday 26 June
Ariana Grande Family

She hails from a well know family in Boca Raton, Florida. Her family is of Italian descent and Catholic followers. Ariana didn’t enjoy her career due to her family conflicts in her early childhood, as her parents were separated when she was in her 8th year of age. She still loves her family and always shares her happiness with them.

Mom Joan Grande
Dad Edward Butera
Brother Frankie Grande
Ariana Grande Net Worth

She spent several years in the entertainment industry and now people ask about his net worth and share recent stats online which is 241 million dollars.

Net Worth 241 million dollars

Ariana Grande Parents

She is the daughter of Edward Butera and his wife Joan Grande. Her mother is a chief executive officer at Hose-McCann communications while her father is the owner of a graphic design company. Her parents were separated in her early childhood and she was raised by her mother.

Edward Butera Joan Grande

Ariana Grande Siblings

She is the only daughter of her parents and has a half-brother Frankie J. Grande. Frankie is also a well-known singer and dancer in America, who has risen to fame due to his notable work.

Siblings Frankie J. Grande

Ariana Grande Height

She has literally short in height but she still became the center of attention of American fans. She is 5 feet high, which is a perfect height for her according to her personality.

How tall is Ariana Grande 5 feet

Ariana Grande Boyfriend

She has enjoyed many relationships with many favorite celebrities in the world. First, she began dating her co-star from Musical 13 Graham Phillips in 2008 and remained with her till 2011. After their separation, she started dating Australian you tube comedian Jai Brooks and split up with him in 2013. Ariana has also dated Big Sean for a long time.

Boyfriend Dalton Gomez

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