A humble and down to earth person, Ian Flanigan seem to be enjoying whenever he singing on the stage. Of course, his voice is very smooth that make him natural and strong singer. Meanwhile, he always pick a song that suits on his voice that surely impressed the judges and audience of “The Voice” too.  Regardless of winning or losing, he won the heart of millions and also has a good future in music. Furthermore, just like a beautiful voice, Ian Flanigan has a very beautiful and peaceful family, wife and a daughter in just age of 30. They all are jell well together. Maybe, a happy and stable family life makes him a solid singer.

  • Note Source of this one Image is: Instagram

Ian Flanigan Age:

  • Yes, 30 years is the Ian Flanigan age. This is not the first time, that he singing on some professional singing platform; as multiple times he performed locally.  But, he got the major fame from “The Voice” and becomes a future of country music.

Ian Flanigan Family:

Father Mike Flanigan
Mother N/A

Ian Flanigan Wife:

A lady named Ayla is the reported wife of Ian Flanigan. She is also an honest pretty lady who is surely supporting him and a right pick that suit his calm personality.

Is Ian Flanigan Maried?

Such type of statistics that which year they got married are not ensured by any of his family member. Even it’s also presumed that they are yet only engaged and has a plan of marriage soon. We clear one thing that the supposition of his marriage is getting from his Insta account.

Ian Flanigan Daughter:

The innocent Kamea is the name of Ian Flanigan daughter. The age of baby girl shows that Flanigan and his partner are side by side from years. More about the Ian Flanigan age, family wife and daughter will defiantly bring on media soon. Right now, it’s time to vote and support him that he will get success to become a winner.

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