J.J. Watt Family Photos, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth

J.J. Watt is a professional footballer present in America who has been playing as a defensive end for Houston Texans team in National Football League. When he was a child and was in his 4th year of age, he started playing hockey but gave up on hockey due to time confliction at age of thirteen year. Apart from his hockey career, he also started playing football at early age and selected for the All state first team. He has been playing for the Houston Texans since 2011. He also plays as a defensive tackle for his team too. Watt has also won many awards and made many records as he is the first player to record two 20+ sack seasons in NFL history. Through this article you will learn about the NFL player J.J. Watt Family Photos, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth.

J.J. Watt Family Photos, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth

J.J. Watt Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: John Watt
  • Mother: Connie Watt
  • Brother: Derek Watt, T.J.Watt

J.J. Watt Family:

He was born to Mr. John Watt and his wife Connie in Waukesha Wisconsin. His father has worked as a firefighter while his mother is working as building operation vice president. He has also two beloved brothers named as Derek Watt and T.J. Watt. His brothers are also well known football players too.

J.J. Watt Family Photos, Wife, Age, Net Worth

J.J. Watt Family Wife:

He has not got marriage yet but according to the latest reports we come to know that he has been dating to his girlfriend Kealia Ohai. He has not announced that either he is going to tie the knot to her or not. As he will get marriage, we will also update it here soon.

J.J. Watt Age:

He was born on 22nd March in 1989. He is has recently celebrated his 28th birthday in 2017.

J.J. Watt Height:

He is one of the tallest footballers of America. He is 6.5 feet tall which is a really good height for a footballer.

J.J. Watt Net Worth:

According to the latest reports we come to know that he is the owner of more than 100 million dollars. He hasn’t confirmed his net worth yet. He has earned his money through foot ball.

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