Definitely, the 37 Years old Jake Owen is a brilliant singer and expert songwriter. Although Jake started his career as a professional golfer; but within no time he turned out to be a successful singer. For the first time, he was signed with RCA Nashville and released first studio album ‘Startin’ with me” in 2006. Then, his second studio album titled ”Easy Does” was released in 2009. But, the third album by Jake Owen made him a popular singer, when a track of this album hit a very good position in the country charts. Afterward, he was released two back to back albums that are enough to prove him a real talent of the music industry. In recent times, he worked and toured with a number of top musical artists.

Jake Owen Girlfriend:

A mystery beauty Erica Hartlein is the Jake Owen girlfriend. For the first time, they meet in a furniture store, when Jake Owen was trying to find a few furniture items from this place. They are happy now.

Jake Owen Wife:

Before the current relationship, Jack Owen was built a relationship with American Actress Lacy Buchanan, and they also got married too. Owen is the father of one girl from this beautiful wife. However, they decided to end their marriage in 2015 due to some problems.

Jake Owen Baby Mama:

  • First: Lacy Buchanan
  • Second: Erica Hartlein

After finalizing of the first divorce, Jake Owen is now ready to become the father of a second child. The Erica Hartlein is expecting the second daughter of this country singer.

Jake Owen Family:

  • Father: Steve Owen
  • Mother: Mitzi Owen
  • Brother: Jarrod Owen
  • Sister: N/A

Jake Owen Kids:

  • Daughter: Olive Pearl Owen, Second is Paris Hartley
  • Son: N/A

Yes, the birth date of Jake Owen second kid is 29 April 2019. Yes, the source of his family has confirmed that the newborn kid of their family is a baby girl. Apparently, it looks like that this relationship will soon convert into marriage.

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