James Conner is the youngest son of his parents from the four other siblings. Three of them are his real brothers, while one is a stepbrother from the mother’s side. So, probably he is the last kid after which his parents got separated. But, he got full support from both father and mother.  Furthermore, In and Out the field, James Conner is personally a strong athlete. During 2015, when he was diagnosed with cancer, he openly announced it and promised to come back in the field soon. He proved it right as a cancer-free person after one year in 2016. Then, in 2018 he once again appeared in the football world from the Pittsburgh Steelers and now become a good performer of this team.

James Conner Family:

  • Brother: Glen, Richard, Michael and Rico
  • Sister:  N/A
  • Wife: Not Married
  • Kids: Yet having no kid

James Conner Ethnicity:

In a formal sense, James Conner ethnicity is not described anywhere. But apparently, he sounds like a Half White and Black Athlete. So, maybe he is a Native or Central American but not sure anything about his ethnicity.

James Conner Nationality:

Yes, James Conner nationality is very clear as he is a proud American. He spends his high school days in Erie, Pennsylvania and also got early training of football from this beautiful city.

James Conner Parents:

  • Father:  Glen Conner Sr
  • Mother: Kelly Patterson

Being a younger kid, he was not enjoyed the company of both mom and dad, as they divorced after his birth. Although soon after split up, his mother linked with someone else but yet he is close to the mom.

James Conner Girlfriend:

A college time loves Sarah Quinn is now the James Conner girlfriend. Both are attached in such a serious bonding that she did not leave him in a very difficult time of his life.  Even, she played a major role in his recovery from cancer.

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