JB Smoove Wife Pics Family Height Age Bio

JB Smoove Bio

Jerry Angelo Brooks is much famous with his name as J. B. Smoove.  He is a tremendous American actor who is known for his comedian roles having tall and serious personality. He added Smoove in his name due to his stand-up comedy character. From his early years of age he was a good comedian and was known as comedian in his school which was a big motivations for him to pursue his career as a comedian on screen. So in this way from the late 90s TV sitcoms he has won the hearts of his fans with his phenomenal comedy. With the passage of time and experience he has also done note able work in super hit movies performing serious roles such as “Larry” in Movie 43. He has been presented with a number of awards for his stand-up comedy and Leon roles on HBO TV serials and Hollywood movies. Well, not doubt he is a multi-skilled man in film industry we have and I hope that you are much interested to know all about his family, wife and children. If it is! Then just keep on reading this article.

JB Smoove Wife Pics Family Height Age Bio

JB Smoove Family

JB is the older son of Floyd Brooks and Elizabeth Brooks (his parents). He spend most of the time of his early childhood in his birth place Plymouth, North Carolina while he has also been spend some time at Mount Vernon with his family. Once during an interview JB told that the area where he lived in his childhood plays a vital role in me to become a stand-up comedian because I have learned it from my inner self.

JB Smoove Age

His birthday is celebrated on 16th December since 1965 and now he has celebrated his golden birthday on 50 years of age.

JB Smoove Height

He is a handsome tall personality with 6’ 4’’ height. Once he was well known as the tallest comedian actor. But after Tyler Perry with 6’ 5’’ height he was the second highest actor still we have…

JB Smoove Wife Pics

JB Smoove Wife

B. Smoove’s wife name is ‘Shahidah Omar’ who is a singer by profession. They were married in the year of 2007 and now they have one daughter. Although JB is a tall man but his wife is also have a good height and looks well while standing along him. He is currently living in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter and passing a happy life as you can see in the following pics that how he is looking happy with his wife and daughter.


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