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Jerry Seinfeld Family Real Name Wife Children Parents

Yes, Jerry Seinfeld has believed on average family size, as he is the father of three children and just married once. Throughout a long marital journey of about 20 years, he is in a friendly relationship with the beautiful wife Jessica Seinfeld. Although, this is the second marriage of Jessica; but this time she managed every aspect of the married life ideally. On the other side, Jerry Seinfeld was also connected with a 17 years old girl in the past, when he was of 39 years. But after marriage with Jessica, he proved himself loyal with the wife and family. Surely, this type of commitment will lead the couple toward a happy life. More detail of Jerry Seinfeld family, his real name wife children and parents are given in the below text.

Jerry Seinfeld and his family background

Jerry Seinfeld Family:

  • Sister: Carolyn Liebling
  • Brother: N/A
  • Cousin: Evan Seinfeld
  • Uncle: N/A

Jerry Seinfeld Real Name:

Most of the people have not known his birth name. Surely, you will surprise to hear that Jerome Allen Seinfeld is the Jerry Seinfeld real name. Right now, the entire world admired him because of unique comedian skills.

Jerry Seinfeld Wife:

The name of Jerry Seinfeld wife is Jessica Seinfeld. From 1999 to the current time, they set the ideal example of a successful married life.

Jerry Seinfeld Children:

  • Son: Julian Kal Seinfeld, Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld
  • Daughter: Sascha Seinfeld

The number of Jerry Seinfeld children is three; among them, two are the son and one is a daughter. Surely, all of these kids are now growing up fast.

 Jerry Seinfeld Parents:

  • Father: Kálmán Seinfeld
  • Mother: Betty Seinfeld

His father belongs to a Hungarian-Jewish background, while the mother is from a Mizrahi Jewish. We have read it online, that Jerry father is not a comedian, but during World War 2 he was trying to make people happy with different jokes. That’s why one thing is sure that he got such a sense of humor from the forefather.

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