Joaquin Phoenix Age 2022, Wife, Family, Ethnicity, Nationality

The acting of Joaquin Phoenix has been a phenomenal one and he keeps on breaking the records set by him and has turned out to be one of those veteran actors who have made a huge contribution to Hollywood. His silver screen debut with the movie “Kids Don’t Tell” made it possible for him to make his mark in the industry. Then he went on to do many more movies that gave him the opportunity to show his acting skills to the world. Now, he is also musician produce and an activist too. Meanwhile, personally, 1995 was a year full of love for Phoenix because he was serious in real life with the actress girlfriend Liv Tyler. But, their partnership was collapsed just after the 3 years.

of course Joaquin phoenix gentle looks here

Joaquin phoenix Age 2022:

Although, his beard is white but it does not means that he is old now. The age of Joaquin phoenix is only 49 years but surprisingly yet struggled to find a soul mate.

Date of Birth 28 Oct, 1974
Age 49 Year

Joaquin phoenix Wife 2022:

  • He is not married yet with the Rooney Mara but their are chances that soon this pair will take decision of  marriage and becomes soul mate.

A graceful lady Rooney Mara is the Joaquin phoenix current partner. The couple met each other while shooting for the spiritual movie Mary Magdalene. Phoenix played the character of Jesus and Rooney played Mary. The love affair turned into a serious affair and the couple soon announced they were engaged.

Joaquin phoenix Partner Name She is Rooney Mara

Rooney was seen flaunting a luxurious expensive diamond ring on the third finger of her hand and Phoenix also told the media that he is living together with her fiancée girlfriend in LA. The couple is still very much together and is a happy pair. News of them getting married is floating the internet and we are waiting for their confirmation on the news.

Joaquin phoenix Family:

  • Father: John Lee Bottom
  • Mother: Arlyn Phoenix
  • Brother: River Phoenix
  • Sister: Rain, Summer and Liberty Phoenix, Jodean Bottom

He is 47 years old and currently resides in Puerto Rico. His parents actively participated in a group of cult believers and the group was called Children of God. He has 4 sisters and 1 brother. Phoenix’s father is no longer alive and passed away in 2015. The cause is said to be a severe disease.

 Joaquin phoenix Ethnicity and Nationality:

  • Yes, the nationality of Joaquin phoenix is American. Furthermore, Joaquin’s father lived in California all his life but is of English German ethnicity.

His mother was born and brought up in New York and her origin is from Hungary. Joaquin’s ethnicity is a confusing topic but he is born and brought up in Puerto Rico that a bit real info about him. But, no doubt, he is the legend of current time.

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