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Jon Bon Jovi was inclined towards music since he was a child and was also passionately determined to become a music star. Initially, he started tuning his guitar in the clubs when he was only 16. He was often praised by people and his confidence increased because of these compliments. Luck was also favored him and he went on to become a famous musician. One of his remembered performance was in the film The Leading Man. Moreover, TV’s Ally McBeal was another breakthrough in his television career. Till now, Bon Jovi had many famous albums released in various years. Further, he continues to perform with his rock band in various cities of the USA and people love to watch them.

a hard work Jon Bon Jovi is for sure

Jon Bon Jovi Family:

  • Father: John Francis Bongiovi, Sr.
  • Mother: Carol Sharkey
  • Brother: Matthew Bongiovi and Anthony Bongiovi
  • Sister: N/A
  • Kids: Three Son and One Daughter( Names Given below)

Jon Bon Jovi Hometown:

  • Yes, Perth Amboy is the Jon Bon Jovi hometown. He was born in a traditional family from the USA. Her mother was a hairdresser, and she along with his worked hard to raise him well.

Basically, Jon Bon Jovi tasted success when he released an album in 1984. The album went on to have many gold copies sold and the songs were loved by music listeners. However, the critics were not very happy with this album and gave negative comments for the band’s music too. The band remained unaffected and released another album which once again was a big success. Featuring songs like Livin’ on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive, This album went on to sell around 14 million copies.

Jon Bon Jovi Wife:

Jon Bon Jovi is a one woman’s man. He got married to his childhood lover Dorothea Harley in the ’80s. The couple is still going strong. They are blessed with four children, one daughter, and three sons.

The number of Jon Bon Jovi Son is three and now they all are handsome guys. Their name is

  • Jesse Bongiovi (24 years)
  • Jacob Hurley Bongiovi (17 years)
  • Romeo Jon Bongiovi(15 years)

Jon Bon Jovi Daughter:

Of course, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is the Jon Bon Jovi daughter, who is an elder one among his kids. Surely, she is a pretty girl.

Bon Jovi is straightforward when it comes to speaking his mind on various issues. He dissed the modern celebrities and also disliked the way reality television stars behave. Being a superstar with over 130 million albums sold worldwide he did not shy away from commenting on different issues.

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