He is a well trained mixed martial artist from Brazil, who has earned significant name and fame due to his tremendous performance. During his early days he wanted to be a professional football but due to a street fight, he started learning capoeira to defend himself. He was recognized by a Jiu Jitsu trainer and started learning. When he reached to seventeen year of age, he made his MMA debut. After making his debut he has played more than 29 matches against different fighters and won most of the fights with knockout. He is ranked by the UFC as greatest featherweight fighter in the world. He has also fought in WEC too. In this article you will come to know about the well known UFC fighter Jose Aldo, about his family photos, wife, daughter, father, age, height and net worth.

Jose Aldo Family Members Name and Relationships:

  • Father: Jose Aldo Da Silva Oliveria
  • Mother: Rocilene Socorro Souza
  • Wife: Vivianne Aldo
  • Daughter: Joanna Aldo

Jose Aldo Family:

He is from a well known family of Manaus Brazil. He was the youngest favorite child of his parents and always received support from his entire family especially from his father. Jose has also an elder sister who dropped on barbecue him during childhood. He is very loving and caring towards his family.

Jose Aldo Wife and Daughter:

He has got marriage and enjoying his happy married life with his beloved wife Vivianne Pereira. His wife Vivianne is also a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. The couple has also a beloved daughter Joanna. Their daughter was born in 2012. He loves his wife and daughter a lot and always spends his maximum time with them.

Jose Aldo Father:

He was born to Mr. Jose Aldo Da Silva Oliveria and his wife Rocilene Socorro Souza. His father is his one of the biggest supporter who always stands by his side and supports him to achieve his dream goals.

Jose Aldo Age:

He is 30 year old and going to celebrate his 31st birthday in 2017. He always celebrates his birthday on 9th of September every year.

Jose Aldo Height:

He has 5.7 feet tall height which is good height for him according to his profession.

Jose Aldo Net Worth:

He has approximately net worth of 9 million dollars. This is not his confirmed net worth.

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