Joseph Baena Siblings, Mother, Height, Net Worth, Father

Joseph Baena is a rising bodybuilder who is better known as the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is following the footsteps of his father in bodybuilding and keen of becoming Mr. Universe. He recently updated a photo in which is posing one of his father’s bodybuilding pose. He is getting training by his dad and has big plans for the future. In 2015, he has graduated from Frontier High School and moved to Pepperdine University. There are chances that Joseph join his father in the film industry too because nowadays he is totally attached to his father and following his father in every step. He has seen with his father in most of his Instagram pictures. In this article, you will learn about Joseph Baena Siblings, about his mother, height, net worth, and father.

Joseph Baena Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mother: Mildred Patricia Baena
  • Sister: Katherine Schwarzenegger, Christina Schwarzenegger, Jackie Rozo
  • brother: Patrick Schwarzenegger, Christopher

Joseph Baena Siblings:

He has four siblings from his father’s side including Katherine, Christopher, Patrick and Christina. Her mother also has another child Jackie Rozo. Joseph Baena Siblings names and photos are given on this website.

Joseph Baena Mother:

He was born to Mr. Arnold and his former wife Mildred Patricia Baena. His father and mother broke apart and after their breakup Joseph Baena remained with his mother. He also uses the last name of his mother in his name. Joseph Baena Mother photos are also shared on his social media pages.

Joseph Baena Father:

He was born to Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a well known actor and body builder in America. Joseph Baena Father photos are given here. He loves his father and getting training from his father.

Joseph Baena Height:

According to reports Joseph Baena Height is 6.2 feet tall. The height is not confirmed yet.

Joseph Baena Net Worth:

Joseph Baena Net Worth is not given here. As he will declared his net worth, it will be available here soon.

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