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Basically, Julian is from a small town of Florida. He always obeys the principle of “Family First” with keen interest. He invested most of the time in playing basketball. When he is not playing the game he preferred to spends time with his parents. Furthermore, Julian is only 17 but professionally he has been showing tremendous growth in his career. During this season he scored 35 points, seven rebounds, five rebounds and four steals in every game. This is quite an achievement as he is still young and a long way to go. With more experience, he will deliver even better performance in the upcoming years. He is the perfect combination of talent and luck and nothing can stop him.

A next talent Julian Newman is

Julian Newman Family:

  • Brother: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Wife: Not Married
  • Kids: Yet not

Julian Newman Ethnicity:

The roots of Julian Newman ethnicity are connected to Puerto Rican ancestry. Moreover, he has an African American background and now American national.

Julian Newman Sister:

Interestingly Julian Newman sister named Jaden is also an emerging basketball star. Both have a great relationship and do not let rivalry or comparisons bother them.

Julian Newman Parents:

  • Father: Jamie Newman
  • Mother: Vivian Gonzalez

Julian Newman Girlfriend:

Julian wants to stay committed to his game and is in no hurry to date. If any such news arrives we will be the first one to inform you!


Julian was recently involved in some controversy and was even jailed for some time. Though after his release he denied it all and no source was able to find what actually happened. He has often been criticized for promoting himself all over the internet. Some people even call him an attention seeker. He plans to start a reality television show with his famous sister. There were rumors about his party pictures being circulated in the media; the reports even claimed he is a heavy alcoholic drinker. Again he denied all such allegations.

Quick Facts about Julian Newman:

Julian was born with the natural talent of basketball and without many coaching tips, he perfected his game skills. He featured in a sports illustrated kids magazine due to his talent.

His birthday is on September 21st. He has a very short height and is only 5 feet 7 inches considering this game requires tall players. He still made his name without letting the criticism taking over.

He is given an interesting nickname called ‘’Handles’’. He gained fame as he was one of the most skilled players even before becoming a teenager. When he was only a fifth-grade student and got accomplished until his college days. He scored a total of nine goals in the college basketball tournament.

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