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Julio is an inspiration for many who are going through a hard time in their lives. His mother worked at a restaurant and went through many hardships in bringing him up and his brother. Furthermore, his dad left them when his age was only 5, so he was brought up in an aggressive surrounding where people had low moral values. But, his mom was very strict and made sure that he doesn’t get entangled in any kind of bad activities. He also has an older brother and is very close to him. His brother was lost the arm in 2014. Now, Julio supports his family financially and has even set up a business for his brother. His mother now owns a café and is earning pretty well.

a good Julio Jones sportsperson

Julio Jones Family:

  • Brother: Phillip Jones
  • Sister: N/A
  • Wife: Not Married
  • Kids: N/A

Julio Jones Ethnicity:

He was born in Foley, Alabama which is a considerably smaller city in America. He is an African American and now a proud American.

Julio Jones Parents:

  • Mother: Queen Marvin
  • Father: N/A

Julio Jones Girlfriend:

Probably, the singer and dancer named Jasmine Villegas is his girlfriend. It is also speculated that Jasmine is pregnant with Julio’s child but nothing is for certain now because in a recent interview Julio confessed that he is single. Now we don’t really get what that means. He either wants to protect his privacy or he isn’t serious with his girlfriend and doesn’t want the world to find out about her. The answer definitely lies in one of these options.


According to the never-ending rumor, Julio was dating a famous American model Michelle Shazier. The couple most probably had a fling because they broke up in no time and Michelle is now married to another man. That makes us assume that Julio was not in a serious relationship with her. The couple did make news back in 2015 when they came together at a sports event held in New York. They seemed quite close and friendly with each other which made the paparazzi believe that they were a potential couple.

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