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A storm that forcefully shifted the Oubre Jr family from New Orleans to Houston was also a reason in changing his life. In new hometown, his interest was built in basketball and gradually he improved himself on the next level. Yes, now everyone knows about his talent as he is also a part of the top franchise. Apparently, his journey looks too easy but recently he told the other side of this story that how long he fought against the anxiety. But, he has a strong mindset and believed to not show his weakness to others. He has a strong belief that without strong nerves it’s not possible for an athlete to perform in the ground. Because in a good or bad time or even in controversy; it’s necessary to raise head up.

the family of Oubre Jr a star player

Kelly Oubre Jr Siblings:

Brother Gared Washington
Sister Amber Coleman

Kelly Oubre Jr Girlfriend:

Fame and wealth are the vital things that attract beautiful butterflies towards successful sportsmen. The name of his frist girlfriend was Makena Martine but they parted ways in last year. Now, Kendal Jenner is rumored to be secretly linked with him. Hopefully, an official statement or some reliable source will confirm this relation soon.

Kelly Oubre Jr Family Parents:

Father Kelly Oubre Sr.
Mother Tonya Coleman Oubre
Cousins N/A
Kids N/A
Wife Not Married

In or off the ground, Kelly Oubre Jr parents guided him whenever he needs their assistance. Even in a game, when he was not performing well his father him on the side and gave him few instructions. Surely, dad is his good friend and motivational speaker too.

Kelly Oubre Jr Interesting Facts:

Age 24 Year
Nickname Tsunami Papi
Date of Birth 9 Dec 1995
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Nationality American
Hometown Houston
Race/Ethnicity Look Like African American
Eye Color Apparently Hazel Brown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net Worth In between 3 to 5 Million Dollar

He is a rising star in this game, so it’s necessary for him to avoid from the controversies. Yes, his dad is the best teacher of him to educate how to manage life. This is the crucial phase of the player’s life for a bright coming career.

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