Kevin Durant Age 2023, Family, Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality

Kevin Durant is one of the top professional basketball players in American history who has won numerous awards for his country. He represents the Golden State Warriors team in National Basketball Association NBA and everyone asks about Kevin Durant Age 2023. He was born talented and went on country tours for his basketball tournament along with his father. After this, he started playing for National Christian Academy and won many awards through this platform. He has not only played for only this academy during his school and college days but also played for other academies too till 2007. In 2007 he was selected by the Seattle Supersonics draft in NBA. This was a turning point for him and after this, he never stopped and won many awards including three gold medals. Moreover, he has also collected many awards and titles like the NBA Most Valuable Player award and many others.

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Kevin Durant Family Pictures, Wife, Age, Height, Tattoo, Net Worth

Kevin Durant Age 2023

This multi-talented basketball player was born on 29th September 1988. He recently celebrated his 35th birthday in 2023.

Age 35

Kevin Durant Family:

He was born into a well-known dusky family in Washington D.C. He was born to the house of Mr. Wayne Pratt and his beloved spouse Wanda Durant. During his early days of life, his parents broke apart and he was raised by his mother in the house of his grandparents. When he reached thirteen years, his father rejoined his family and started taking care of them. He has also three siblings including a sister and two brothers.

Kevin Durant Family Pictures, Wife, Age, Height, Tattoo, Net Worth

Kevin Durant Wife:

He is currently unmarried and living a happy unmarried life. He was associated with a well-known basketball player Monica Wright and exchanged his engagement ring with her. But after some time, they broke apart due to unknown reasons.

Wife Monica Wright

Kevin Durant Family Pictures, Wife, Age, Height, Tattoo, Net Worth

Kevin Durant Parents:

Educated family support on every point to the children same as Kevin Durant is one of the lucky people who get support on every level from their parents. Even he has traveled across the country for the purpose of Basketball matches because where basketball matches were organized there Kevin Durant participated and performed.

Mother Wanda Durant
Father Wayne Pratt

Kevin Durant Parents:

Kevin Durant Ethnicity:

The audience wants to gather info regarding his ethnicity because his father and mother belong to two different countries. So those people who still confuse about the ethnicity of Kevin Durant. His ethnicity is American-African.

Ethnicity American-African

Kevin Durant Nationality:

When Kevin is free from work like matches and tournaments then visits different countries for a vacation with his family. People now looking at the nationality of this celebrity. Basically, this is American National. Followers who think that this is the national of another country that is wrong.

Nationality American

Kevin Durant Siblings

There are three brothers and sisters of Kevin Durant who love them and all are spending a happy life. In addition, the name of the brother and sisters in listed below the table.

Siblings Rayvonne Pratt, Brianna Pratt, Tony Pratt

Kevin Durant Net Worth 2023

He is one of the richest basketball players with a total net worth of 170 Million Dollars. He has earned a huge part of his wealth through playing basketball. Kevin was also ranked among the fifty highest-paid athletes all across the world by Forbes.

Net Worth 170 Million Dollars

Kevin Durant Height

He is one of the tallest players at 6.9 feet in height. His height is the perfect height for a basketball player in America.

Height 6.9 feet

Kevin Durant Tattoos

He has covered his body with different stylish and unique tattoos. He has also many religious tattoos too on his stomach, wrist, and back too. Every tattoo on his body has a meaning as well as a hidden story behind his tattoos.

Kevin Durant Family Pictures, Wife, Age, Height, Tattoo, Net Worth

Kevin Durant Brother

There are two brothers of Kevin Durant and both follow to younger brother and practice in different clubs for basketball. His one brother plays matches in small-level tournaments while the second brother is still practicing.

Brother Rayvonne Pratt, Tony Pratt

Kevin Durant Brother

Who is Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend

After entering in NBA there are many girlfriends as well as he has done many breakups with different girls. But nowadays he is currently dating Cassandra Anderson. The couple will do married as soon. Further when the couple will announce the exact date then update for your information.

Girlfriend Cassandra Anderson

Kevin Durant Salary 2023

Kevin Durant is one of the most expensive players in the NBA draft and when the franchise owner selects this player then definitely one time must check their pocket. Same as now they are playing with Brooklyn Nets and taking 40 Million dollars.

Salary 40 Million dollars

How Much is Kevin Durant Contract?

Kevin Durant has signed a contract for 4 years as well as the worth of the contract is 164 Million Dollars while if we discuss the per-year income so that is 41 Million Dollars. Moreover, if we calculate per month income so that is 3.41 Million Dollars.

Contract 164 Million Dollars

How Much is Kevin Durant Contract with the Nets?

Before Singed with Nets Kevin Durant was talking with Golden State Warriors but to some issues, he left and joined the Nets. So those people who are searching how much Kevin Durant contract with the Nets so is 164 Million Dollars for four years.

Contract with Nets 164 Million Dollars

Where are Kevin Durant Parents from?

Many of the audience are telling that his parents belong to other countries but according to some online sources his parents belong to America while Kevin was born in Washington.

Parents Belong From America

Which NBA Team Does Kevin Durant Play for Now?

Past two years, Kevin Durant played with the NBA team “Brooklyn Nets” while before this team he was playing with the Golden Stars team.

Current Team Brooklyn Nets

What Size Shoe is Kevin Durant?

His height is very high so people want to know his shoe size. His shoe size is 18 while many of the famous shoes are brand-sponsored by Kevin Durant.

Shoe Size 18 No

For a bright career, this celebrity has faced a lot of problems during his career. As well as read complete info regarding Kevin Durant Age 2023, Family, Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, and Nationality. On the other hand, Kevin’s height is a bit high compared to a normal man but sometimes people criticize his height during the game, he takes many benefits from his height like doing goals easily. He has performed in the Olympic games and his grandmother said that if he takes a part in the Olympic games then his height will help full.

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