Kobe Bryant is a well known former professional basketball player, who has risen to fame with his tremendous performance in international basketball. He gained inspiration from his grandfather and started playing basketball through early age of just three years. With the passage of time his game improved and his interest has increased in the game. He became public figure when he was in his school days. He stepped into professional career through NBA in 1996. After stepping into professional career, he has won many awards including gold medal and break many records. Aside from his basketball career, he is also a well known businessman. He endorses number of leading brands in America under his name. After reading this article you will come to know about one of the top basketball player Kobe Bryant, about his family, wife, parents, daughter, age and height, which is written below.

Kobe Bryant Family:

He was born and brought up into a well known Roman Catholic family of Philadelphia. He is the only son of his parents and has two sisters named as Sharia Bryant and Shaya Bryant. His family has played an initial role in his career development. He has received initial training in basketball from his maternal grandfather and Uncle John Chubby.

Kobe Bryant Parents:

He was born to Mr. Joe Bryant and his beloved spouse Pam Bryant. He has great affection with his parents, because they are the one who always advised him through every thick and thin of his life. Moreover he always credits his parents for his success.

Kobe Bryant Wife:

He has been enjoying his married life along with his beloved wife Vanessa Laine Bryant since 2001. The couple met for the first time before two years of their marriage and fall in love with each other. Vanessa is not only a good wife but also one of his biggest supporters in the world.

Kobe Bryant Daughter:

He has two beloved daughters Natalia Diamante Bryant and Gianna Maria Onore Bryant from his wife Vanessa. He loves his both daughters a lot and always spend maximum time with them.

Kobe Bryant Age:

He has opened his eyes for the first time on 23rd August in 1978. He is currently in his 38th year of age and going to celebrate his 39th birthday in 2017.

Kobe Bryant Height:

This multi talented basketball player is 6.6 feet high, which is perfect height for an athlete in America. Moreover his tall height makes him prominent among the crowed.

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