Before and after marriage, the attachment of Larenz Tate to his family is an exemplary one and people ask about Larenz Tate Kids. While he was growing up with his brothers, he was in a friendly and strong relationship with them. Meanwhile, from the time he gets married and becomes a father of four kids, his family life is very balanced and blissful. Surely, his marriage experience with a beautiful wife Tomasina Parrott is great; as the current one is the thirteenth year of their unity. Although, the first two relations of Larenz Tate with the Karrine Steffans and Tee Ashira gave the indication of her cheating behavior. But Tomasina has entirely changed the image of his personal life.

Moreover, the other family detail of Larenz Tate which includes his kid’s brothers and parents is addressed below.

Larenz Tate Kids

The number of Larenz Tate kids is three, and all of them are boys. Last year, the news of their fourth kid came into the media, when a pic of his pregnant wife was shared by one of his friends. But the birth date or other stuff about this pregnancy has come disclosed by a real source. The name of the kids are:

  • Miles Xavier Tate
  • Zander Tate
  • Zion Tate

Larenz Tate Wife:

A low-profile actress, Tomasina Parrott is Larenz Tate wife. Before marriage in 2006, they know each other perfectly which makes it possible that now in 2019 they are still spending a stable married life.

Name Tomasina Parrott

Larenz Tate Family:

There are eight members of the Larenz Tate family. Among them, two are his brother, three kids, mom and dad, and the imp one is his wife. Right now, he is living with his children and wife.

Father Larry Tate
Mom Peggy Tate
Brother Lahmard Tate, Larron Tate
Sister N/A
Wife Tomasina Parrott

Larenz Tate Age 2023

This talented American film and television actor was born on 29th September 1988. He recently celebrated his 48 birthday in 2023.

How Old is Larenz Tate 48 years

Larenz Tate Brother:

Yes, Larenz Tate is not only an actor from his family; both of his brothers are also actors. Even, though he is exactly the same look as his brother he causes rumors that they are twins. But, this is not true; he has not shared a birthday with him. The name of his two brothers is:

  • Lahmard Tate
  • Larron Tate

Larenz Tate Parents:

Father Larry Tate
Mother Peggy Tate

He and his two other actor brothers gave indications that he is from an entertainment-related family. But it’s not true, as both his father and mother are just ordinary parent who works hard to raise their child in the best possible atmosphere.

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