LL Cool J Family Pictures, Wife, Height And Weight

LL Cool J Family Pictures, Wife, Height And Weight is mention here. If you are looking for the best American Rapper than let me introduce to the one of the best rapper James Todd Smith. James Todd Smith is also prominent for his stage name Ladies Love Cool James or LL Cool J. He is not only a good singer but also a well known actor who has performed in a number of films. He is one of the most talented men present in America who is considers as one of the forefather of Pop rap. This versatile rapper has released 13 super hit albums and become one of the 100 greatest actors of all the time. Besides his musical career he is also the brand ambassador of a number of leading brands in the words. After reading this article you will come to know about the one of the top rapper LL Cool J, about his family, wife, height and weight.

LL Cool J Family Pictures, Wife, Height And Weight

LL Cool J Family:

LL Cool J was born to Ondrea Griffeth and James Louis Smith Jr on 14 January 1968. He has not enjoyed his childhood as her mother and grandfather was shot at the age of four years by his father. After recovering, his mother left his father and started living with LL Cool in New York City. He didn’t enjoy his childhood but he has great affection with his mom, because she always encourages his son.

LL Cool J Family Pictures, Wife, Height Weight

LL Cool J Wife:

LL Cool J has been enjoying his happy married life with her beloved spouse Simone Smith. Simone is one of the best wives in the world who always stands by her husband’s side. This beautiful couple has four children including a son and three daughters.

LL Cool J Family Wife, Height And Weight

LL Cool J Height and Weight:

LL Cool J is one of the hottest rapper in America. He is 6.2 feet high with perfect body measurement and weight. LL Cool is a fitness freak who has 97kg weight, which is a perfect weight according to his height.

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