Manchester United is one of the top football clubs present in United Kingdom where numbers of world’s top footballers are present. These players are famous world widely and has huge fan following around the world. Due to their popularity, fans always want to look into their personal life especially stay conscious about the relationships of their favorite football stars. Most of the players have got marriage while others are still unmarried and enjoying their lives with their girlfriends. Some of the players are dating to famous celebrities while other has in a relationship secretly. Fans, who are conscious about the pictures of their soccer stars with their families or spouses are at right place. Here are some pictures of the Manchester United Players with their Wives/ Girlfriends listed below.

Manchester United Players With Their Wives / Girlfriends

Wayne Rooney with wife:

Wayne Rooney is one of the top footballers present in Manchester United club, who is from England. He plays for English national team and for this club. He is married to well known television presenter Coleen Rooney. The couple has exchanged their wedding rings in 2008 and since than, they are living happily with each other.

David De Gea with Girlfriend:

He is in a relationship with his beloved girlfriend Edurne Garcia. Edurne Garcia is a well known Spanish singer, who has also worked as an actress and television presenter too. The couple has become the hottest topic for discussion for their fans.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic With Girlfriend:

This tremendous player has been enjoying a relationship with his beloved girlfriend Helena Segar. He is from Sweden but he plays for the English club and English team. His partner is also from Sweden and have huge fan following on social media. The couple has not announced that either they will get marriage or not.

Anthony Martial with Wife:

This versatile football player from Manchester United Club was married to Samantha Helena. The couple was very happy with each other but she has dumped her for someone else. After this incident, he is living single with his beloved family.


Marcus Rashford With Girlfriend:

This tremendous footballer is in a relationship with his beloved girlfriend Lucua Loi. The couple has spotted on many occasions with each other but they have not announced their relationship yet.

Juan Mata With Girlfriend:

He has been in a relationship with his beloved girl Evelina Kamph. Evelina Kamph is also a well known social media celebrity who has huge list of crazy fans on social media like instagram, twitter and facebook.


Antonio Valencia With Wife:

He is married and enjoying his happy married life with his beloved wife Zoila Valencia. The couple has tied the knot to each other and has a beloved daughter too. Zoila Valencia usually not like to come in front of camera.

Luke Shaw With Girlfriend:

He is also in a relationship with his beloved girlfriend Shelby Billingham. The couple has been dating to each other since 2014. She is very loving and supportive girlfriend but they have not talked about that either their relationship is going to turn into marriage or not.

There are also many other Manchester united players are present who are enjoying their life with their wives and girlfriends. So stay connected with us for further information.

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