Mark Wahlberg Family Tree, Wife, Kids, Father, Age, Height, Net Worth

Mark Wahlberg is a versatile personality present in America, who has earned name as an actor, businessman, model, rapper and producer. He started his career as a singer and came into prominence as younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg. He was also one of the band members of Boy Band New Kids on the Block. This versatile singer and actor made his singing career debut through single song Happy People which was released in 1993. After one year, he moved to film industry and kicked his acting career through film Renaissance Man. He has also worked in many television shows too. Prior to this, he has also produced number of films in his long time career and won many awards. After reading this article you will come to know about the actor Mark Wahlberg, about his family tree, wife, kids, father, age, height and net worth.

Mark Wahlberg Family Tree, Wife, Kids, Father, Age, Height, Net Worth

Mark Wahlberg Family Members Name and Relationship:

  • Wife: Rhea Durham
  • Mother: Alma Wahlberg
  • Father: Donald Wahlberg
  • Siblings: Donnie Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg, Paul, Jim, Arthur, scott, Debbie, Michelle, Tracey, Buddy, Donna Wahlberg
  • Kids: Michael, Grace Margaret, Brendan Joseph

Mark Wahlberg Family:

He hails from a family of Dorchester, Boston America. He was the youngest child of his beloved parents and has eight beloved elder siblings. Mark hadn’t enjoyed his childhood due to confliction between his parent’s relations. After divorce of his parents, his time was divided between two.

Mark Wahlberg Family Tree, Wife, Kids, Father, Height, Net Worth

Mark Wahlberg Wife and kids:

He was enjoying a relationship with well known model Rhea Durham and finally tied the knot to her in August 2009. The couple has four kids together including two beloved sons and two beloved daughters. He loves his wife and kids and always shares his happy moments with them.

Mark Wahlberg Family Tree, Wife, Kids, Father, Age, Net Worth

Mark Wahlberg Father:

He was born to Mr. Donald Wahlberg and his beloved wife Alma Wahlberg. His father was a delivery drive while his mother is former aid nurse and bank clerk.

Mark Wahlberg Age:

He is 45 years old and going to turn 46 on 5th of June in 1971.

Mark Wahlberg Height:

He is 5.8 feet tall. This is ideal height for an actor in American film industry.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth:

According to the latest reports we come to know that his net worth is more than 225 Million dollars. He has earned his wealth through acting, producing and singing.

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