MattyB Family Pictures, Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Matthew David Morris or MattyB is also a well known youngest singer and rapper in the world, who represents his country America. This versatile youngster has been working as a singer since the age of seven years. After making his singing career debut, he became popular on social media. He has not only mystical voice but also well in acting and rap too. He stands in the list of top 50 You Tube Musician in the world. Apart from his social networking and singing career, he has also worked in television industry too. He has worked in numerous television shows like Dance Moms, Free Birds and many others. This multi talented kid is also looking for his place in Film industry too. After reading this article you will come to know about the MattyB, about his family pictures, real name, age, height and girlfriend, which is mention below.

MattyB Family Pictures, Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

MattyB Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Blake Morris
  • Mother: Tawny Morris
  • Siblings: Blake Morris Jr., John Michael Morris, Sarah Grace Morris, Joshua Morris

MattyB Family:

He was born and brought up into a family in Duluth Georgia. Matty is the 2nd younger child of Mr. Blake Morris and his beloved wife Tawny Morris. He has three elder beloved brothers name as Blake Morris Jr., John Michael Morris and Joshua Morris. He has also a beloved youngest sister Sarah Grace Morris.

MattyB Family Pictures, Real Name, Age, Girlfriend

MattyB Real Name:

His real name is Matthew David Morris but he likes to use his nick name MattyB on social media and television industry.

MattyB Age:

This talented kid was born on 6th February in 2003. He has recently celebrated his 14th birthday in 2017.

MattyB Girlfriend:

He is currently single but according to rumors he has dated to Jojo Siwa. As he will make any new relationship, we will update it here as soon as possible.

MattyB Family Pictures, Real Name, Height, Girlfriend

MattyB Height:

He is 5.7 feet tall, which is a perfect height for a singer and actor in America. He has also perfect weight according to his tall height.


  1. wish he was mine. I love him for his looks and singing and his good work. I like a man like that.

  2. Hay matty b I am a big fan love your music love jess


  4. Kaylanie Rose Walter

    Hay mattyb I am single I am a big fan and I am 10 but I really love u text me back on this website. Bye if I ever date u I will call u what ever u want me to call u.

  5. You are so cute are you single i am turning 14 next year so can we date

  6. I wish that he was my brother he is so cute!

  7. Yoo Matt love your songs

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