American swimmer Michael Phelps is also known as The Baltimore Bullet and Michael Fred Phelps 2. Now,  people search that the Michael Phelps Wife Family Net Worth 2022. He is the all times world record holder in the longest course from 100 M to 400 M freestyle swimming. According to records, he has won 61 gold medals along with 13 silver and 3 bronze medals in the Olympics. Since the 2008 Summer Olympics, he has organized a foundation in his own name in order to support this swimming sport. Although he has been retired from international competitions. He has been qualified to perform in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016. It looks like he has gained swimming talent naturally because no one in this world could easily complete him in swimming. Look down and take the info about Michael Phelps Wife Family Net Worth 2022 Commercial Sponsors Olympics Medals.

Michael Phelps Wife:

Michael Phelps did not yet marry but he announced his engagement with his girlfriend Nicole Johnson. Both Phelps and Nicole have welcomed their baby boy “Boomer Robert Phelps”. Phelps and Nicole have not yet announced their wedding plan or date but they are just living happily more than married life.

Wife Name Nicole Johnson

Michael Phelps Family:

Michael Phelps belongs to a well-educated family but they are not involved in any of the sports at all. His mother ‘Deborah Phelps’ is a principal at a Baltimore Public School. His father ‘Michael Fred Phelps’ is a former state trooper and was a college football team member.

Phelps’s name is the same as his father and he is called Michael Fred Phelps 2 at his home. Phelps is younger of his two sisters ‘Whitney Phelps’ and “Hilary Phelps’. Well, his grandmother’s name is Roberta M. Myers and his grandfather’s name is John William Phelps. Phelps belongs to English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish ancestry.

Father Michael Fred Phelps
Mother Deborah Phelps
Sisters Whitney Phelps, Hilary Phelps
Grandfather John William Phelps

Michael Phelps Son:

Michael Phelps is the father of one son with his fiancé. His Son was born on 5th May 2016. Their photos are put on view in the following you can see that how cute their baby is and how they both are happy having this little baby boy.

Michael Phelps Net Worth 2022:

You know about the Michael Phelps Net Worth 2022 so the complete net worth that includes all assets is 80 Million Dollars. But within few days he will announce the latest info about the net worth. Further, he is a professional swimmer and won many cash rewards. So people want to get the form below the tables.

Net Worth $80 Million

Michael Phelps Commercial Sponsors:

When he plays the games then many of them sponsor this celebrity. All brands and sponsor name is listed below.


Michael Phelps Olympics Medals:

Phelps was a natural swimmer because at the age of 7 when he joins learn swimming his trainer has told that Phelps saw his trainer swimming and jump into the water wearing an air pad and start swimming. In few days he starts swimming without an air pad and today he is the world’s most awards and gold medals winning competition swimmer. He has won the following medals in the world Olympics and other championships.

First Medal Olympics Gold Medals From 2008 to 2012 and 2014
Second Medal Bes Swimmer of the Year Award from 2004 to 2010 continuously
Third Medal Golden Goggle Male performance Award
Fourth Medal USOC Sports Man of the Year Award

During career, he has won many of the achievement. As well as complete knowledge regard Michael Phelps Wife Family Net Worth 2022 Commercial Sponsors Olympics Medals exist.

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