Michael Strahan Family, Wife, Kids, Daughter Pics

Michael Strahan had a failed marriage for 2 times, he then got engaged but that engagement also came out to be a failed one, now here we discuss the Michael Strahan Family, Wife, Kids, Daughter Pics. He is single now. As we know that he is an American footballer by profession but a retired one. Here, check out his family and ex-wives details. Get to know about his children and what kind of father he is:

Michael Strahan Family, Wife, Kids, Daughter Pics

Michael Strahan Family

His father name is Gene Strahan. He used to be a boxer. His mother name is Louis Strahan, She used to be a basket ball coach. Michael Strahan birth place is Houston, Texas. He is also the nephew of that retired football player, his name is Arthur Strahan.

Michael Strahan Family Father, Mother

Michael Strahan Wife

His first wife was Wanda Hutchins. It was from 1992 to 1996 that they remained married together. Then he had his second marriage with Jean Muggli. It was from the time frame of 1999 till 2006 that they remained in this marriage relationship. He got to meet up with Jean Muggli at some spa. It was the spa at the Manhattan side. Then in the year 2009, Michael Strahan got engaged with the ex wife of Eddie Murphy. Her name is Nicole Mitchell. After few years, both of them ended their engagement giving the reasons that they have extreme busy schedules and cannot give time to each other. We can say that this player is quite unlucky and unfortunate enough when it comes to relationships and love. He got a divorce twice a time and then had this failed engagement.

Michael Strahan Wife, Ex Wife Name, Pics

Michael Strahan Kids

Right from the first wife of Michael Strahan, he has a daughter. Her name is Tanita. She was born in the year 1992. He has also a son from his first wife Wanda. His name is Michael. He was born in year 1995. Then from the second wife, he has these twin daughters. Their names are Isabella and Sophia. Their birth year is 2004.

Michael Strahan Kids, Son, Daughter

Michael Strahan Age

His date of birth is 21st Nov 1971. His age is 44 and his height is 1.96 m. His birth place is Texas, United States.

We just hope that Michael Strahan might get successful to find the most loving partner for his self.


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