Mick Jagger Wife, Children, Age, Daughter, Net Worth

A versatile personality, mystical voice, and tremendous acting skills, Yes I’m talking about the English Singer and actor Mick Jagger. He kicked the stardom as the lead singer of The Rolling Stones. He is considering as one of the most popular frontmen in Rock &Roll History. He started following the footsteps of his father in the music industry through an early age. He once explained that he was a kid who loves to sing. This versatile singer has released various albums including She’s the Boss, Primitive Cool, Wandering Spirit, and many others. His single list is also very long. Through this article, you will learn about Mick Jagger Wife, Children, Age, Daughter, Net Worth.

Mick Jagger Wife, Children, Age, Daughter, Net Worth

Mick Jagger Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Basil Fanshawe
  • Mother: Eva Ensley Mary Scutts
  • Brother: Chris Jagger
  • Daughters: Georgia May Jagger, Jade Jagger, Elizabeth Jagger, Karis Jagger
  • Sons: Lucas Maurice, James Jagger, Gabriel Jagger, Deveraux Octavian

Mick Jagger hailed from a middle class family. He was born to Mr. Basil Fanshawe Jagger and Evan Ensley Mary Scutts. His father was a teacher while his mother was a hairdresser who was also the active member of the Conservative Party. He has a younger brother named as Chris Jagger who is also a well renowned musician too. He and his brother have performed together.

Mick Jagger Wife:

This versatile actor and singer has tied the knot once but his relationship list is very long. He married to Biance De Macias in 1971 and divorced her after 7 years in 1978. Mick Jagger Wife (Former) is a former actress who is currently working as a social and human rights advocate. Aside from his marital life, he has dated to various actresses and models. Lets have a brief discussion on Mick Jagger’s relationships.

Marianne Faithfull (1966 to 1969):

During his early days in 1966, he started dating to English singer and songwriter Marianne Faithfull. The couple spent almost three years together and finally split up in 1969.

Marsha Hunt (1969 to 1970):

After breaking up with Marianne Faithfull in 1969, he started dating to Marsha Hunt. Marsha Hunt is also a well-known singer, and actress. The couple broke up in 1970 and the couple has 2 kid together.

Bebe Buell (1974 to 1976):

Mick James also dated to Playboy model Bebe Buell from 1974 to 1976. The couple had broken up in 1976.

Jerry Hall (1977 to 1999):

After separating from Biance De Macias, he started dating to Jerry Hall in 1977. The couple unofficially tied the knot to each other in November 1990 which was later declared Void by the High court of England and Wales in 1999. During their relationship, Mick was also dating to Carla Bruni who is also a singer from Italy.

Aside from the above relationships, he has also dated to Sophie Dahl, L’Wren Scott. Currently he is dating to ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick.

Mick Jagger Children:

Mick Jagger Children are eight in number. He has four sons and four daughters from five different women. In the below side we are sharing the details of Mick Jagger children.

Karis Hunt Jagger (4 November 1970)

His first daughter Karis Hunt was born on November 4, 1970 from Marsha Hunt. She is the only child with Marsha Hunt.  

Jade Sheena Jazebel Jagger (October 21, 1971):

He has a daughter Jade Sheena Jazebel from his former wife Bianca. She was born on 21st October in 1971.Jade is Jewelry Designer and the owner of the Jade Jagger Jewelry.

Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger (March 2, 1984):

She is the third daughter of Mick Jagger and first child from Jerry Hall. Elizabeth is also a well know actress and model who is also working as a lobbyist too.

James Leroy Augustin (August 28, 1985):

Mick Jagger’s first son James Leroy Augustin was born on August 28, 1985.  He is following the footsteps of his father in Music industry as he is a good singer, guitarist and actor too.

Asides this, he also has four other children including three sons and a daughter.

Mick Jagger Net Worth:

As per some online sources, Mick Jagger net worth is around $360 Million. He is one of the most successful English Singers in history. His actual net worth will declare here soon.

Mick Jagger Age:        

This actor was born on 26 July in 1943. Mick Jagger age is 75 years in start of 2019. So this was the complete discussion of Mick Jagger Wife, Children, Age, Daughter, Net Worth.

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