Missy Franklin Family Husband Height And Weight

Melissa Jeanette or Missy Franklin has raised her name and fame in the competition swimming. Missy has now recently been qualified in to the Rio Olympics 2016. She has crowned various awards and gold medals with her tremendous swimming talent in females in the world. Those who are interested in swimming and want to swim like her are following her on her social page as well as on twitter. So here I have assembled this page for all her fans to get know about her family background as well as her relationship history and when and how she find her career in swimming. Missy was a child when her parents rescue her from water dying. She like to stay in water and early years of age she learn swimming and start taking part in swimming competitions. In college years she was also a member of football team but due to an injury she was eliminated from football team and then she again start leaning swimming from Todd Schmitz. Today she is a world renewed competition swimmer and have won various gold medals for international competitions. Keep on reading to get further about her personal details…

Missy Franklin Family Husband Height And Weight

Missy Franklin Family

Her mother is D. A. Franklin and her father is Dick Franklin who both are Christian by their religion. Her parents are of Canadian nationality and moved to California, US after their marriage when her mother D.A. was pregnant with Missy. So Missy has dual nationality Canadian and American. Moreover Missy is the only child of her parents and her parents want her to make an athlete. Her father was a football player and have played state championship from his university that time but he did not further continue his career with football. Both of her parents are well supported for her to be a world famous swimmer and Olympic gold medalist.

Missy Franklin Family Husband Height And Weight

Missy Franklin Husband

Missy Franklin is single and not married yet. Although her relationship with ‘John Martens’ has been yet here online. An interesting thing about both this couple is that her boyfriend John is not a swimmer at all. He is a distant specialist at the University of Texas. Moreover she has not yet been announced any of her update about her marital life.

Missy Franklin Height and Weight

Missy if a tallest women swimmer ever who is also known as built-in flippers. Her height is 6 feet and 2 inches that is 188 cm.  While her body is flatter and slimmer but healthier frame with a body weight of 165 lbs i.e. 75 kg. she is very perfect to a swimmer her body weight is very lean but her abs and fitness is such a healthy physique and we can see in her pics that how she is perfect for being a competition swimmer.

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