To capture the finer details of a subject in HONOR 90 macro photography, the photographer positions the camera extremely closely to the subject.  The capillaries of leaves, the martian-like surface of fungi, and the furze that covers the abdomen of a spider are all examples of potential photographic subjects. But how can you get such high-resolution photos with only your phone? We’ll walk iPhone and Android users through that process, as well as provide some tips on how to get macro-like results without a macro camera or macro mode. 

The Recent Progress In The Macro Lens Technology

The iPhones and Androids, have the most recent iterations, include an automatic macro mode that kicks in when the camera is close enough to the subject. The phone will automatically switch to the HONOR 90 ultra-wide camera since its lens is better able to focus on objects that are physically closer to it than the primary camera’s lens.

Android phones and tablets

There are a lot of HONOR 90 phones out there with dedicated macro cameras. Most of the time, there are two ways to reach them. It’s conceivable that changing lenses requires pressing a button on a row of buttons close to the shutter release. Since flowers are a common subject for macro photography, this mode is commonly represented with a flower symbol. 

Tips for getting the finest shots with your phone if you don’t have a macro lens

You don’t happen to have a HONOR 90 phone with a high-quality macro lens, do you? The good news is that you may try your hand at macro photography with whatever camera you choose; a macro lens isn’t necessary for doing so. 

Single Subject Capturing

Here, it really matters how well you can zero in on a single subject without being distracted. Since ultra-wide angle lenses tend to have better focusing capabilities than standard ones, many high-end smartphones use them for macro photography rather of including a dedicated macro lens.

Best Focus Assured

The camera may have trouble focusing on objects in the immediate vicinity. If your phone has a ‘Pro’ mode, you should try it out. This should allow you to focus the lens by hand, giving you more control than iffy autofocus. 

We usually go about things by trying out different lenses, including the digital zoom lenses, to see which ones provide the best images. Because of the tiny depth of focus, macro shooting with an ultra-wide camera may be difficult. This implies that it will seem like just a very little section of your subject is in focus in the final image. 


You should focus on the particulars of the preview that seem sharpest to you. As you choose the best HONOR 90 price purchase, you can get the 12MP Ultra Wide and Macro Camera (f/2.2) offering your fantastic scope for best takes in your Vlogs. Take many still shots of each situation while shifting your position slightly (either closer or further away). When you go back and look at the photos, you’ll be able to choose the angle that best highlights the subject.  

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